Hartman Family trip to Howe, Idaho for The Great American Eclipse (21 Aug 2017)

Quite a fun trip with my oldest son and his family (Wayne, Erin, Kenner, Meyer, Fisher), my youngest son Seth, my wife (Jeanine) and me (Don) to Howe, Idaho for The Great American Eclipse (August 21, 2017). Wayne took the best shots of the eclipse with his Canon DSLR with a 600mm lense with solar filter. When at full occlusion without filter. The experience was awesome to say the least. We located to Howe, Idaho with the most excellent planning from Wayne. That was a very very good call. Crowds were minimal. It will be something to remember for a lifetime. Traffic however going back to Utah was horrendous. That too was an experience in and of itself in that we were experiencing city drive-time traffic in some very rural areas of Idaho. After getting home, we heard that traffic was still horrendous in Idaho some 7 hours later...

Sunrise in Howe, IdahoSunrise Howe, IdahoHowe, IdahoSunriseSunrise in Howe, IdahoEarly Morning in Howe, IdahoEarly Morning in Howe, IdahoMain Street in Howe, IdahoJeanine in Howe Church Parking LotHowe, IdahoSunriseSunrise Howe, IdahoHowe, IdahoHowe, IdahoDon at beginning of EclipseGetting Ready for EclipseGetting Ready for EclipseEclipseEclipse Shadows10 Degree Temperature DropOldest and Youngest Son with their CamerasPre-Eclipse Sun SpotsThe Eclipse BeginsEclipseMore EclipseMore EclipseMore EclipseMore EclipseMore EclipseAlmost Full OcclusionSliverFull OcclusionBacking Out

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