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Letter is from Anna E. Kiefer Stover, b. 13 March 1872 in Ogle County, Illinois to her mother Mary Ann Barnhizer Keifer, b. 17 October 1836 in Washington County, Maryland. Anna married Elder Hugh Mitchell Stover 22 December 1892. Anna's father was Moses Keifer, b. 27 Oct 1836 in Shrileysburg, Franklin, Pennsylvania.

Anna wrote the following letter to her mother Mary Ann (Barnhizer) Keefer in Greenwood, Nebr.:

Waynesboro, Pa. Jan. 21, 1895

Dearest Mother

I am truly very thankful that I am able gain to write to you. This is Monday morning. Mamma [Mary Stover, her mother-in-law] is still with us. She is washing. I don't know hardly how we would have gotten along with out her. She is so very good & kind to us. Mitchell has gone out to Fahnestocks, they have a sale Thursday, & he is going out to help them get ready. I am feeling real well & strong. Washed & dressed the baby this morning for the first time, it went a little awkward but I got along all right & now he's sleeping so good. He has been a very good baby so far, he sleeps so good at night, generally gets awake twice during the night. We received your present all right & think it is very nice. Many thanks for it. [Re]Becca Shockey gave him a rubber rattler, but he don't play with it very much yet. Well, I guess we have him named Vernon Keefer Stover. How do you like Vernon? Every one around here seems to like it very well. Friday morning I got up & dressed for the first time and we were very thankful that the Lord had blessed us & given me health & strength enough to be up & around again. We certainly can realize more fully how very good the Lord has been to us. We do hope & pray that we may trust more fully in Him & pray that he may give us Grace & Wisdom that we may bring our Darling Boy up in the right way. Our Prayer is that he may be a great Worker for the Lord.

I have ate my dinner since writing the above & put Vernon to sleep. I have been eating four times a day since I am sick, have a very good appetite. Saturday afternoon I went down in the kitchen for a short time then came back up to my room. I have a very pleasant room to sit in, can look right out on the street & it don't make it seem so lonesome when I am by my self. I am sitting by the window now with my writing on my lap & I never could write very well that way but guess you can make it out some way. Yesterday I was down stairs for dinner & it seemed so nice again to go to the table to east with the rest of them. I will not go down at all today as the washing makes it damp down stairs. We had oysters fried for breakfast yesterday morning & oysters for dinner, yesterday, & breakfast this morning. Someone was good enough to us to buy a quart of oysters and a pound of crackers at Mr. Bear's & I had him give them to Mitchell. We don't know who it was but if we don't, we are just as thankful as if we did know.

Just two weeks ago tomorrow our boy arrived. I got along so nicely- the morning when we got up I was not feeling very well, but got breakfast and did up all of the work & swept some & then got to ironing but I did not finish ironing. About half past nine Mitchell went over after Mrs. Wolfkill. She just lives across the street. She came, then he went after Mamma & the Doctor, Dr. Snively. By the time the Dr. came I was up here in the room & was feeling pretty badly. About half past ten I went to bed & at half past twelve the baby was born. I suffered quite severe pain, but was very thankful it didn't last any longer than it did. Mitchell just stayed right with me and he was such a great help to me, all the time and I knew I had his sympathy as much as any one could have. As soon as he was born the Dr. said, "You have a nice big boy," and we were both glad of it. Grandma [Mary Stover, Vernon's grandmother] is trying to keep the boy quiet now, but I guess his Mamma can quiet him better. I have plenty of milk for him & haven't had but very little trouble with my breasts so far & I hope I will not.

You know Vernon is the first grand child in Mamma's family & she feels quite elated that she is Grand Ma. And Grace is proud of being Auntie.

Our Meetings [Brethren] are still going on. Yesterday there were seven baptized. I guess they will only continue a few evenings yet. Mitchell has not missed one night. He says the meetings are so good. I had to miss all of them. But I was glad that Mitchell could go any way & enjoy them if I couldn't.

The weather has been quite bad for the meetings. It has been raining or snowing nearly all the time I have been sick. It rained quite hard today, and Mamma had to hang the clothes all over the garrett [attic] but they dry very nicely up there. Momma said she sends her love to you & to tell you that she was trying to take your place in staying with us since you could not be here with us and she certainly is doing all that she can. I think we will not use the baby's spoon yet awhile for we don't have to use a spoon but very little so far for him. Have only given him catnip tea a few times for some little pains he seemed to have.

Well, I guess this is all for this time. Hoping to hear from you soon again.

We remain as ever your loving children.

Bessie & Mitchell and Vernon

[P.S.] Kate Singer was here this afternoon & brought Vernon a little brownie. It is real cute.

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