Transcription of Deed by Don Hartman (descendant of Tobias Hartman below),
original in possesion of FamilyHart,
gift from Jean Gladfelter Robinson

(Outside Center)


John Hart & UA
Tobias Hartman
for 45½ Acres
& All in York County

(Outside Upper Left Hand Corner)

Received The Day of the Date of the within
written Indenture of and from the within named
Tobias Hartman The Just & full Sum of one              £150 
hundred and fifty Pounds Lawfull Money of
Pennsylvania, It being in full the Consideration
money within mentioned To be paid to me

John Hart (Signature)

Witnesses Present at signing
John Ferree (Signature)
Illegible Signatory
Everard Gruber


This Indenture Made the Eleventh Day of May - in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Sevenhundred and Seventy Nine, Between John Hart of Martick Township in the County of Lancaster in Pennsylvania, Yeoman and Anna Maria his Wife of the one Part, And Tobias Hartman of Strasburg Township in the County of Lancaster Aforesaid Yeoman of the other Part, Witnesseth that the Said John Hart and Anna his Wife, for and in Consideration of the Sum of onehundred and Fifty Pounds Lawful Money of Pennsylvania to them or one of them in Hand well and Truly Paid by the Said Tobias Hartman at or before the Ensealing and Delivery of these Presents The Receipt and Payment whereof He the said John Hart Doth hereby Acknowledge and Themselves Therewith fully Satisfied and paid Have and Each of them Hath Granted Bargained & Sold Aliened Remised Released and Confirmed And by these presents Do and Each of them Doth Grant Bargain and Sell Alien Remise Release Enfeoff and Confirm unto the said Tobias Hartman his Heirs and Assigns for Ever All that Certain Lott Tract Piece and parcell of Land Situate Lying and Being in the Township of Cadores and Shrewssbury in the County of York in Pennsylvania Aforesaid, Called Fourplay upon Cadores Bounded & Limitted as follows to wit: Beginning at a Marked BlackOak Thence by Land formerly Henry Conrads Now William Peters's South forty Degrees and thence an Half East onehundred and Seventy perches to a Chestnut Thence by Vacant Barrens South Seventy Seven Degrees West Twenty four Perches to a Chestnut Thence North Seventy five Degrees West Eightytwo Perches to a Stone Fence by Andrew Shwartz's Land North Twenty Five Degrees West Seventy Seven Perches to a Hickory Thence by Vacant Land North Twenty Nine Degrees East Fifty Perches to the Place of Beginning Containing Fortyfive Acres and an half and the usual Allowance of the Six per Cent for Roads & etc It being the Same Tract of Land which by the Honorable the Proprietaries of the Province of Pennsylvania by their Certain Patent Bearing Date the Eleventh Day of February in the Year of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred and Seventy two was Granted and Confirmed unto a certain Phillip Frickin Fee, as in and by the Same Patent Entered in the Rolls Office for the aforesaid Province at Philadelphia in Patent Book A A Vol. 14 Pag. 275 & etc. Reference Thereunto being had may more fully and at Large appear, Which Said Phillip Frick and Margareth his wife in and by an Assignment Indorsed on the Bakc of Said Patent on the Thirteenth Day of June in the Year of our Lord 1775 for the Consideration Therein mentioned Did Grant and Convey the Same unto Peter Hosterman his Heirs and Assigns, And the Said Peter Hosterman by his Indenture Bearing Date the Seveth Day of August in the Same Year of Land and premisses unto the said John Hart party hereto and to his Heirs and Assigns for Ever as by the Said Assignment Indorsed as aforesaid and in and by the Same Last Recited Indenture Severally and Respectively may more fully and Large Appear Reference Thereunto being Held / Together with all and Singular the Edifices Buildings and Improvements Barns Stables Gardens Trees Fences Woods underwoods ways Waters and Watercourses Rights Liberties Priviledges Hereditaments and Appurtenances Thereunto Belonging or in any wise appertaining and the Reversions Remainders Rents Issues and Profits Thereof; and also all the Estate Right Title Use Trust Property Possession Claim and Demand of them the Said John Hart and Anna his wife of in & to the Same, To Have and to Hold The Said Described Tract or Parcell of Land Hereditaments and Premisses hereby Granted and Released or named Mentioned or Intended So to be with The Appurtenances unto the Said Tobias Hartman his Heirs and Assigns To the only proper Use Benefit and Behoof of him the Said Tobias Hartman his Heirs and Assigns for Ever / Subject to the Yearly QuitRent Due or to become Due for the Same to the Cheif Lord or Lords of the Fee Thereof And the Said John Hart for himself his Heirs Executors and Administrators Doth Covenant Grant and Agree to and with the Said Tobias Hartman his Heirs and Assigns That He the said John Hart and Heirs The Said Tract of fortyfive acres and an half of Land and Allowance and premisses above Granted & Released with the Appurtances unto the Said Tobias Hartman his Heirs and Assigns against them the Said John Hart & anna his Wife and Their Heirs and against all & All Manner of person and persons Lawfully Claiming or to Claim the Same premisses or any Part Thereof by from or under him Them or any of them Shall & will Warrant & for Ever Defend by these Presents. In Witness whereof The Parties first above Names Their Hands & Seals To these presents Interchangeably have Set the Day and Year first above written.

John Hart (signature and paper seal)

Anna x Hart Mark (mark and paper seal)


Sealed and Delivered
In the presence of us
The words of "& Anna his wife" in the third Line Being
Interlined Before Signing and Sealing

John Ferree (Signature)
Illegible Signatory
Everard Gruber

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