HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS Tuesday, December 9, 1902


Paralysis claimed aged pioneer at Wichita yesterday. A premonition of death was closely followed by the Grim Reaper. He came to Hutchinson in '73. His son, Joseph Hartman brings body here. Funeral will be held from Dunkard Church in Lincoln Township tomorrow.

While talking with an old friend, Mrs. M. M. Hathaway, at 321 East Douglas, A. Hartman, 74 years of age, was seized with a paralytic stroke which caused instant death at 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon, says the Wichita Eagle this monring.

Mr. Hartman ran a small stand at 518 East English street, and during the moderate weather slept in a room back of his stand. Yesterday morning he complained of feeling badly and at noon closed his stand, saying that he was going to Mrs. Hathaway's rooming house. He seemed to have a premonition that his time had come, for before leaving he stated to a neighbor "You may never see me alive again."

He walked several blocks and climbed the steps to the Hathaway rooms. He seemed exhaused and when questioned admitted that he was not feeling well. He talked with the family a few minutes, then noticing that Creston, the little grandson of Mrs. Hathaway was not present, he asked: "Where is Creston?" These were his last words. His head fell to his arm and his whole body collapsed. The family rushed to his assistance, but too late; death had taken him.

Dr. Thomas was sent for immediately, but upon arriving said nothing could be done, that he was dead. The body was taken to the undertaking parlors of I.W. Gill, where it will remain until relations can be notified and can decide upon a place of burial.

Mr. Hartman came here about a year ago from Hutchinson, where he claimed to have lived for several years. The first night he spent in 'Wichita' he engaged a room of Mrs. Hathaway at 321 East Douglas, and during the night was seized with an attack something similar to the one which caused his death yesterday. It was owing to the quick response and kindness of Mrs. Hathaway that he recovered and since that time he has considered the family his friends and their rooms his home. But little coud be learned of his life, as none knew him intimately. His wife died several years ago. His son will be here from Hutchinson this morning and take charge of the remains.

Mr. Hartman was one of the oldest residents of this city before his removal to Wichita. He came to Hutchinson in 1873. His son, Joseph Hartman, runs a grocery on North Main street. On learning of the father's death the son went to Wichita yesterday and brought the body home. The funeral will be held tomorrow from the Dunkard church in Lincoln township.

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