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                  My grandfather Urbin Hartman is the "baby" in the center.
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(Note from Don Hartman:  The "baby" in the center is my grandfather, Urbin Hartman, with parents and some of his 15 siblings flanking him)

We love our heritage.  We are the sons and daughters of the Pennsylvania Dutch.  Some were Brethren, Reformed, Lutheran, Mennonite, Amish, Catholic or of other faiths or a very few of no faith at all.  They came to America from Switzerland, Germany, and the eastern parts of France or wherever the German language was spoken before 1800.  They came to Pennsylvania first.  Some stayed and others went on to other places north, south, east and west.  We seek to learn their history, their customs, their culture and their genealogy.


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    Please remember that facts such as names, dates, and places cannot be copyrighted.  However, notes regarding facts can be.  It is also best to show in your notes where the information came from, so that others can reproduce the information more easily. By doing so, others can determine the efficacy of the source.

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