Gettysburg Death Notices 1802-1834

Abstracted by: Kathy Cardoza

These are the death notices posted in Gettysburg, PA newspapers from 1802 through 1834. The following is the source information used and dates for the extracted information:

The date in the first column, is the date the newspaper was issued. The second column contains death notices. I have tried to include any details that might be helpful to a researcher. Some of the death notices in the original newspapers include other details about the person's illness, etc., which are not included here.

Please note the following by Kathy:

If the location for the event was a town or township name, I usually did not include any other description. However, if the location was a county, I always included "county" as part of the description. For example: a death occurring in "Franklin," was in Franklin township. If the death was in Franklin county, it would say, "Franklin county."

Surnames such as McAllister, were often spelled in the newspaper as, M'Allister. I copied all information exactly as published in the newspaper, possible spelling mistakes, as well.

I used the following shortcuts: w/John Smith = wife of John Smith. s/George Jones = son of George Jones, and d/George Jones = daughter of George Jones.


The Centinel, Gettysburg, Adams Co., PA, printed by Robert Harper, East of the Court House and delivered on Wednesdays. Price of a year long subscription in 1805 was $2. Dates extracted here: Jan 6, 1802 -- May 19, 1813

Jan 6, 1802 Murder of David Ramsey of Fawn twp. By Joseph & John Smith, Samuel Montgomery & Jacob Mosser, on 24 Dec 1801 at home of Shedrach Corbin of Hopewell (description of men in 21 Jan 1802)
Jun 29, 1803 James Reid, Hamiltonban (call to settle accounts)
Sep 12, 1804 Thursday last, 51, Major Robert Campbell (wife & 3 chil)
May 1, 1805 21 April, Mrs. Elizabeth Hughes, 43, Emmittsburg, consort of James Hughes. Roman Catholic
Jan 29, 1806 Monday last, Samuel Russell, s/Joshua who died 27 Dec 1805, only son Joshua died 29 Jul 1805 (male line extinct)
Nov 19, 1806 Nov 5, William Bailey, Mt. Pleasant, 57
Nov 19, 1806 Nov 11, Martha Laird, d/William Laird, Franklin twp.
Jan 7, 1807 Monday last, Mrs. Jane Russell, wid of Joshua Russell lately deceased
Apr 22, 1807 Wednesday last, Mrs. Isabella Ewing, w/John Ewing (two sm. Children)
Jun 24, 1807 Sunday last, Mrs. Esther Douglass, w/James Douglass, Cumberland twp.
Jul 1, 1807 Tuesday last, man by name of Shissler, Paradise twp. Suicide by hanging
Aug 19, 1807 30 July, Thomas Thornburg, 57, Huntington twp.
Sep 2, 1807 Monday last, Henry Weaver, 76
Sep 16, 1807 Sat. Last, William M'Clean, Esq., 74
Sep 23, 1807 Sun. Last, Thomas Ewing, Esq., 41, Franklin twp.
Sep 30, 1807 Sat. Last, Mrs. Susannah Ferguson, 33
Oct 14, 1807 1 Oct, General Peter Muhlenburg, 62, Schuylkill
Oct 21, 1807 8 Oct., Henry Rowan, 88, Hamiltonban
Nov 4, 1807 27 Oct, Mrs. Mary Winrott, consort of Adam Winrott esq., of Petersburg, 73
9 Dec 1807 24 Nov, Alexander Addison, 49, at Pittsburg
Dec 23, 1807 16 Dec, Matilda Waugh, 26, d/William Waugh, Carroll's Delight
Jan 13, 1808 Jan 1, Edward Abbett, 61, buried at Dutch Lutheran burial ground, left wife & 7 children.
Apr 20, 1808 Wednesday last, Mrs. Margaret Agnew, 72, consort of John Agnew. Bur at lower Marsh Creek Burying Ground
May 4, 1808 Friday last, Abner Alexander, s/Alexander Horner drowned while fishing
May 25, 1808 Tuesday, 17th, Miss Sally Menoch, d/Conn Menoch, 22 years
Jun 22, 1808 3rd at his farm in Cumberland twp., Thomas M'Allen
Jul 6, 1808

Thursday last, Mrs. Elizabeth M'Allister w/Jesse M'Allister

Monday last, Mrs. Mary Hahn, w/Isaac Hahn, Gettysburg

Jul 13, 1808 Mon, 13th, John Sweeney Sr., 63 of Gettysburg
Jul 20, 1808 11th, Mrs. Elizabeth Gilliland, w/John Gilliland
Jul 27, 1808 Sat. Last, Mrs. Elizabeth Dill, 31, w/Leonard Dill
Sep 21, 1808 Wed. Last, John M'Killip, 70
Oct 5, 1808 27 Sep, Mrs. Isabella Randolph, w/Nathaniel Randolph.
Nov 16, 1808 Thursday last, Jacob Ackerman, 60, innkeeper of borough
Dec 7, 1808

At Frankfort in this state, on 14th Nov, Capt. Stephen Decatur Sr.

25 Nov, Franklin county, Maj. General Robert Johnston, 58

25 Nov, Richard Potts

Dec 21, 1808

Thursday last, Samuel Knox Sen. Of Carroll's Delight, 83

4 Dec., in Shippensburg, Margaret Rippley, d/Samuel (deceased) and Mary Rippley

Jan 4, 1809 At Shippensburg, 23 Dec, Mrs. Abigail Caroline Shippen, consort of John Shippen deceased
Feb 15, 1809 6 Feb, Samuel Edie, 78
Feb 22, 1809 Mon last, John Wilson, only son of late Rev. Samuel Wilson (Big Spring) 17 years
Mar 29, 1809 Thursday last, Victor Washington King, 25, buried next day at Hunterstown burial ground. Left widow and 1 sm. Child
May 17, 1809 Sunday last, Patrick Hayes, 78, bur Marsh Creek bur. Grounds
Jun 7, 1809 Thursday last, Rev. Alexander Dobbin
Aug 2, 1809 24 Jul, in Hunterstown, Nancy Hunt, 21
Aug 16, 1809 Tuesday 8 Aug, Samuel Dickson, 31, bur in Hunterstown bur. Ground
Oct 11, 1809 Thursday last, David Cunningham, 30, buried at March Creek burial ground (left wife and 2 children
Nov 4, 1809 29 Oct, William Hunter, s/ Joseph Hunter of Mountjoy twp, 22
Jan 10, 1810 On third in Straban twp., George Brinkerhoff, 90y, 2m, 13d. Born in NY, lived in Straban for 40 years. Had seven sons
Jan 17, 1810 On 1st, Robert Galbreath, 73, Mt. Pleasant twp
Feb 7, 1810

On 24th, Samuel M'Cune, 36, Mt. Joy twp

Wednesday last, Sarah Slemmons of Hamiltonban twp, 90y, 1m

Feb 14, 1810 Thursday the 1st, Margaret Sweney, infant daughter of John Sweney, 1 yr
Feb 28, 1810 Friday, 23rd, William Adair, 79, Mt. Joy twp
Mar 7, 1810 Friday last, Mary Sanders, eldest d/Peter Sanders, Hamiltonban. Bur in Roman Catholic burying ground near Hanover
Mar 14, 1810

Thursday last, John Clark, Captain of Volunteer Rifle Co. Of county, at his mill in Liberty town.

Friday last, Samuel Wilson, s/.Capt., David Wilson, Hamiltonban

Mar 21, 1810 8th, Mrs. Jane Kerr, w/Capt. John Kerr, Hamiltonban, 37, leaving husband and five children
Apr 4, 1810 Sat, 17 Mar, James Ramsey, Ligonier Valley
Apr 11, 1810

On 31st, John Kipp, 63

Saturday last, Polly Heck, d/Daniel Heck, Cumberland twp

May 16, 1810

On 7th, Polly M'Cune, 27, Mountjoy

On 8th, Robert M'Curdy, 74, Cumberland twp.

Jun 6, 1810 29th May, Moses Lockhart, Sen. 68, Mt. Pleasant. Buried at Conowago burying ground
Jun 13, 1810 Friday last at York, William M'Pherson, 23.
Jul 11, 1810 Friday last, William Alexander only son of Robert Alexander of Menallen twp.
Jul 23, 1810

Wednesday last, Robert Young Sr. at his farm in Mountpleasant twp.

Wednesday last, William Reed, 23, attorney, youngest son of Gen. William Reed

Aug 15, 1810

On 7th at his farm in Franklin twp., David Stride, 58.

Thursday last, Miss Elizabeth Barr, 18, d/James Barr of Mt. Joy twp.

Sep 12, 1810 On 25th, Col. Moses M'Clean, 73.
Sep 26, 1810 On Saturday last of apoplexy, Mrs. Elizabeth Marshall, 67, of Carroll's Delight.
Oct 3, 1810 On 25 Sep, John Chamberlain, 69, of Reading twp.
Oct 31, 1810 Sunday last, Joseph Thompson, 48, fell on his own ax while crossing Marsh creek. Left wife and 7 children
Nov 7, 1810 24 Oct, Catharine Maginley, 16, d/James Maginley of Carroll's Delight
Nov 14, 1810 On 9th, George Rummell, 79
Feb 27, 1811 On 14th, Henry Slagle, 66, Conowago twp.
Mar 6, 1811

On 26th, Mrs. Ann Torrance, 77, consort of William Torrance of Mountpleasant

On Friday last, Andrew M'Ilvaine, 74, miller, Mountpleasant twp., buried in old burying ground at the Pines (?) in Straban twp.

On 24th, Mrs. Catharine Orbison, consort of James Orbison, at Chambersburg

Mar 27, 1811 On 18th, Agnes Hunter, 26, d/Samuel Hunter of Mountjoy twp
Apr 17, 1811 On 30 March, William Smith, 24, s/Samuel Smith of Mountjoy twp.
May 8, 1811 In Lancaster on 15 April, John Joseph Henry, 53.
May 15, 1811

30 April, Robert Laird of Franklin twp.

1 May, James Graft, 16, s/John Graft

May 22, 1811

Thursday last, Joseph Morrison, 69, of Franklin twp.

Friday last, Mrs. Jane Dunwoody of Carroll's Delight

May 29, 1811 21 May, Hugh King, 61, of Tyrone twp
June 12, 1811 On 5th, Harvey M'Ilhenny, 15y 7m, of Mountjoy twp.
June 26, 1811

On 18th, Miss Martha Coulter, 35, Straban twp.

On 22nd, Mrs. Eleanor Gilliland, consort of Samuel Gilliland, left 10 children, of Tyrone twp.

On 18th, Col. Baker Johnson, 65, at Frederick town, MD

On Monday last, Charles Jones, pauper in poor house of this county, cut his own throat. York

July 17, 1811 Saturday last, Mrs. Esther Sweney, 37, consort of John Sweney, left 6 small children
Aug 28, 1811 Friday last, John M'Ginley of this borough, in Lancaster county
Sep 4, 1811

On 29th, Mrs. Sarah Thompson, 67, w/Joseph Thompson, Mountpleasant twp.

On 30th, Miss Jane Hunt, d/Edward Hunt of Hunterstown.

On 31st, Alexander Kernighan of Hamiltonban twp.

Sep 11, 1811 Thursday last, Hetty Sweney, infant d/John Sweney
Sep 18, 1811 On 5th, Jane Black, w/James Black of this county. Died in Franklin county, left 3 small children
Oct 2, 1811 Thursday last, Mrs. Sarah Galloway, 67
Oct 23, 1811 On 30th, Philip Graft, 20, s/John Graft of Straban twp.
Jan 22, 1812 On Sunday last, youngest son of William Maxwell of this borough
Feb 19, 1812 Friday last, George Sherman, Sr. Of Petersburg, Germany twp. At advanced age
Mar 4, 1812 On 17th, John Carrick of Carroll's Delight, 100 years
Mar 18, 1812 On 5th, Isabella Galbraith, consort of Robert Galbraith, of Mountpleasant twp.
Mar 25, 1812 On 13th, James Orbison, attorney at Chambersburg
April 1, 1812

On 18th, Elizabeth Smith, 73, in Huntington county, PA, formerly of Adams county

On 21st, Mrs. Jenny Leech, w/Robert Leech of Frederick county, MD, 35

Apr 15, 1812 Died short time ago in Allegheny county, John Fletcher, 95. Lived in Adams co. 70 years and just emigrated two years ago.
April 22, 1812 On 10th, Col. Mathew Dill, 86, of Dillstown, at Millerstown
May 20, 1812 On 4th, at his farm in Mountpleasant, Joseph Thompson, 81.
May 27, 1812

On 9th, George Shakely, 54, Cumberland twp.

On 20th, Mrs. Stewart, consort of John Stewart of Menallen twp.

Jun 3, 1812

Thursday last, Ann Eliza M'Clellan, d/William M'Clellan

On Friday last, Michael Bittinger, Sen., 82, Franklin twp.

Jun 10, 1812

On 31 May, Robert Hunter, 22, s/Samuel Hunter, Mountjoy twp.

On Monday last, Rebecca Ann M'Conaughy, youngest daughter of John M'Conaughy

Jun 17, 1812 Sunday last, Jane Amanda Galloway, youngest d/John Galloway.
Sep 16, 1812 On 12 Aug in Brownsburg, VA, Samuel Waugh, s/William Waugh of Adams county.
Oct 14, 1812 On 5th, Mrs. Margaret Gourley, 24, of Straban twp, infant in same grave, left two babies
Nov 21, 1812 On 7th, Mrs. M'Sherry of Petersburg, 73
Dec 23, 1812

On Friday the 11th, Mrs. Margaret Gourly, w/Moses Gourly, 28, Hamiltonban twp. Leaves 4 children

In Carlisle on 13th, Rev. Robert Davidson, Pastor of Presbyterian church.

Dec 30, 1812 On 18th, William M'Cune, 22, s/Thomas M'Cune of Mountjoy twp.
Jan 6, 1813 On 23rd, Mrs. Sarah Robison, 69, consort of Isaac Robison of Mountpleasant twp.
Feb 17, 1813 At Fredericktown, MD on 2nd, Samuel L. Reynolds, 33, late of Gettysburg. Left wife and 4 children.
Mar 17, 1813

Tuesday last, Thomas Ewing, miller, Cumberland twp.

Friday last, James M'Clean, 41, Carroll's Delight

Mar 24, 1813 On 12th, Mrs. Polly M'Cune, 63, w/Thomas M'Cune of Mountjoy twp.
Mar 31, 1813

A short time since, Thomas Clingan formally of Carroll's Delight and on Friday last, Mrs. _____ Clingan, consort of said deceased. Both died in Frederick county, MD

Saturday last, Mrs. Frances White, 23, consort of William White, Hamiltonban twp.

Saturday last, Mrs. Jane Garvin, 52, consort of William Garvin.

Monday last, Mrs. ___ Workman, consort of Benjamin Workman of Cumberland twp.

Apr 7, 1813 Monday last, Mrs. Martha Taggart, consort of Samuel Taggart of Straban twp.
Apr 14, 1813

Friday last, John Hetser, late Court crier of this borough.

Friday last, Philip Brown

Monday last, William M'Cleary, 55 of Cumberland twp.

Apr 21, 1813

On 7th in Cumberland county, Robert Whitehill, 76

Thursday last, George Potzer, blacksmith of this borough

Apr 28, 1813

Monday last, Robert M'Pherson, Cumberland twp. Left 3 children

Thursday last in Millerstown, Thomas Craig, 75. Moved from Bucks county to be near children but died from epidemic

May 12, 1813 Saturday last at his farm in Liberty twp., Robert Speer
May 19, 1813 Thursday last, Jacob Shank of Franklin twp.
Friday last, Jacob Cassat of Straban twp.

Sep 16, 1818 through Mar 29, 1826 are from "The Republican Compiler" published in Gettysburg, PA. Printed by Jacob Lefever, opposite the Post Office, Delivered to subscribers each Wednesday. Price, $2 per year
Sep 28, 1818 Sunday last, Nancy Wilson, 10, d/Robert Wilson deceased, Mountjoy twp.
Oct 7, 1818 On 18th at Chestnut Ridge near Greensburg, Mrs. St. Claire, relict of late Major General Arthur St. Claire.
Oct 14, 1818 On the 8th, William Cooper, merchant, 71.
Nov 11, 1818 Thursday last, Mrs. Eleanor Scott, consort of Hugh Scott of Gettysburg
Feb 17, 1819 At York on the 4th, James Kelly, 54, attorney
Mar 3, 1819 On 17th, William Garvin, 60
Apr 7, 1819 On 26th, Samuel Mickle, Sr., 64, at his home in Straban twp.
May 5, 1819 Thursday last, Mrs. Sarah Gallagher, 47
May 26, 1819 Yesterday, Mrs. Mary Lashell, consort of Ralph Lashell of Gettysburg
Jun 9, 1919 On 27 May, Mrs. Mary M'Kinney, 44, Mountjoy twp.
Jun 23, 1819 On 15th, Capt. French S. Gray of the US Army, late from Amelia Island on his way to visit friends in Kentucky, at Mr. Lashell's Tavern.
Jul 7, 1819 Thursday last, Christian Wampler, 42 of Gettysburg, leaving wife and 6 small children
Jul 28, 1819 On 21st, Mrs. Elizabeth Will, 72, consort of Jacob Will deceased, in Littlestown. On 22nd, buried at German Presbyterian ground near Littlestown.
Aug 4, 1819 On 18th, Dr. James Hamilton, at Conrad Brown's Tavern in Franklin county
Aug 18, 1819

On 31st, Rachel Caroline, 2y, 6m, d/Samuel White of Huntington twp.

On 5th, Horatio Wales, 19, s/Henry Wales, near Gettysburg

On 2nd, Mr. ___ Burns, upwards of 70 years, of Cumberland twp.

Aug 11, 1819 Friday last, Elizabeth Culp, 3, and on Saturday, Daniel Culp, 6, children/Peter Culp of Gettysburg, of dysentery
Sep 1, 1819

On 18th, Martha Jane Hoke, infant d/Conrad Hoke, Jr., Cumberland twp.

On Thursday last, Gilbert Bercaw, 15, s/George Bercaw, Mountjoy twp.

Thursday last, Anna Bercaw, 4, d/Wm. Bercaw, Mountjoy twp.

Friday last, Mary Spangler consort/Abraham Spangler, Straban twp., 25

On 15 July at Huntsville, Alabama, James Gilliland, attorney, late of Adams county

Sep 8, 1819 Wednesday last, Cumberland twp., George Plank, s/John Plank, 3
On 25th, Mrs. Rebecca Ingham, consort of S. D. Ingham, secretary of commonwealth
Sep 15, 1819 On 2nd, George Gangewer, editor of Carlisle Patriot, 26, leaving wife and infant son, at Carlisle
Sep 22, 1819 The 11th, Mrs. Elizabeth Poe consort/Capt. James Poe, Franklin co.
Oct 6, 1819

28 Sep, Mr. Francis Knauss, 78 of Gettysburg

Friday last, James Gray, infant s/Rev. Charles Maclean, Cumberland twp.

Oct 13, 1819 Friday last, Mrs. Dickson consort of Thomas Dickson, Cumberland twp.
Oct 20, 1819

On 13th, Mary Ann Miller, 4, d/John Miller, Mountpleasant twp.

Saturday last, Mrs. Sarah Bercaw, 23, consort of William Bercaw, Mountjoy twp.

Nov 24, 1819 On 9th, Thomas Sim Lee, Esq., 75, at Needwood, Frederick county
Dec 1, 1819 On Nov 25, Mrs. Dorothea Oeligarta Hapke, 75y, 5m, 5d
Dec 22, 1819 Thursday last, George Washington Eyster, 7, s/Jacob Eyster of Gettysburg
Jan 5, 1820 On 25th, near Millerstown, Thomas Dick, about 75
Jan 12, 1820 On 23rd, Jacob Rider of Littlestown
Feb 2, 1820 On Saturday last, Mrs. Maria Elizabeth Sell, 72, relict of Jacob Sell, deceased
Feb 9, 1820 Sunday last, Mrs. Mary Graham, relict of Robert Graham of Gettysburg
Feb 16, 1820 Sunday last, Christian Reiff, 81, of Gettysburg
Feb 23, 1820 Thursday last, William Zettel, 54, Franklin twp.
Mar 8, 1820

On 6th, Mrs. Catherine Weidner consort of Jonas Weidner of Menallen twp.

Sunday last, David Brown, 2, s/John Brown of Gettysburg

Mar 29, 1820

Friday last, Mrs. Rebecca Hayes consort of Robert Hayes, Cumberland twp.

Thursday last, Mrs. Mary Horner, 87, relict of David Horner, Mountjoy twp.

Apr 12, 1820 Friday last in Mountjoy twp. Mr. Francis Ogden, recently of Gettysburg
Apr 19, 1820

Friday last, Mary Dobbin, Cumberland twp.

On 10th, Col. William Hamilton, 49, Editor of Lancaster Journal

Apr 26, 1820 On 29 March, Amelia Waugh, youngest d/William Waugh. Went last Fall to her sister's in Perry county, OH to recover
May 10, 1820

Thursday last, Jane Long, d/Jarret Long of Reading twp., deceased.

Thursday last, Henry Reiff, 65, Franklin twp.

May 17, 1820

Thursday last, James W. Lutwyche, 25, merchant, Gettysburg

On 6th, Mrs. Sarah M'Kean, 75, consort of late Governor Thomas M'Kean, deceased

May 31, 1820 On 17th, Captain William R. Duncan, 25, at residence of his mother in Shippensburg.
Jun 7, 1820 Friday last, Mrs. Jane Arnold consort of Daniel Arnold of Hunterstown
Jun 21, 1820

Monday last, infant s/William M'Clean of Gettysburg

Saturday last, infant child of Daniel Arnold of Hunterstown

On 13th, Martha M'Munn of Fairfield

Sunday last, Mrs. Rebecca M'Ilvain, at an advanced age, relict of Alexander M'Ilvain, Mountpleasant twp.

Jun 28, 1820 Friday last, Mrs. Myers, relict of ______ Myers, formerly of Moravian town, Frederick county, MD
Jul 5, 1820 Sunday last at the residence of Hugh Jackson in Straban twp. Mrs. Mary Campbell relict of Robert Campbell
Aug 2, 1820 Friday night last, Charles Diehl, 79, Mountjoy
Aug 9, 1820 Sunday last, David, infant son of David Little (clock and watch maker) of Gettysburg
Aug 16, 1820

On 9th, George Allen Houk, infant son of John Houk, Gettysburg

On 9th, Alexander Longwell, infant s/Matthew Longwell, Gettysburg

Thursday last, Andrew M'Ilvain, 69, Hamilton

Friday last, infant child of Mr. Taylor, Gettysburg

Friday last, daughter of Henry Brinkerhoff, Bonnaughton

Aug 23, 1820 On 12th, Mrs. Catharine Runkel, consort of Rev. Wm. Runkel, pastor of German Reformed congregation, Emmittsburg, MD
Sep 6, 1820

On Friday at his father's residence in Cumberland twp., James Menoch, 30

On 21 Aug, Mrs. Jane Gilliland, 32, consort of William Gilliland, Jr. Of Straban twp.

On 28th, Daniel Hoffman, 55, Straban twp.

Thursday last, James Black, Franklin twp.

Thursday last, Jacob Harman, s/David Harman, Straban twp.

Sunday last, William Torrence, 80, Mountpleasant twp.

Sep 13, 1820

Thursday last, Matthew Longwell, merchant of Gettysburg

Saturday last, Catharine Grafft, eldest d/Philip Grafft, Straban twp.

Oct 11, 1820 On 4th, Jeremiah, 2y 12d, infant and only son of David Flore of Gettysburg
Nov 1, 1820 On 18th at Fredericktown, MD, Charles Sower, editor of the Star of Federalism
Nov 8, 1820 Saturday last, at his residence in Hamiltonban twp., Mr. Francis Meredith, 87
Nov 15, 1820 Friday last, Jane Stewart, d/James Stewart deceased, Liberty twp.,
Dec 6, 1820

Friday last, John Rimmel of Gettysburg

Sunday last, James Baily, s/John Baily of this county

Dec 18, 1820

Saturday last, James Fleming of Cumberland twp.

On 3rd, Mrs. Barbara Hoke, 59, consort of Bartholomew Hoke

Jan 3, 1821 On 22nd at the house of Mrs. Maris in this county, John M'Dowell, , 79
Feb 14, 1821 On 7th, John Heagy, Sr. Of Mountjoy twp.
Mar 28, 1821

Friday last, Mrs. Susannah Bercaw consort of William Bercaw of Mountjoy twp.

Monday last, John Grubb, 7 months, s/Henry Grubb of Gettysburg

Apr 25, 1821 Sunday last, John Cashun of Mountpleasant twp.
May 2, 1821

On 23rd at residence of his father in Hamiltonban twp., Alexander Kittern, 23

On 24th, David Fletcher s/Abraham Fletcher, Franklin twp.

On 24th, Mrs. Agness Jackson consort of Hugh Jackson of Straban twp.

May 9, 1821 Thursday last, Jane Scanlan, 47, Gettysburg, w/James Scanlan
May 16, 1821 On 10th, Catharine Martin, d/Ephraim Martin of Gettysburg. 3 years of age
May 30-, 1821 On 22nd, at his late residence in Carroll's Tract, John Myers, 68
Jun 27, 1821 On 17th at Littlestown, Andrew Will, Sr., 79
Jul 4, 1821

On 26th, at an advanced age, Mrs. Mary Heagy of Mountjoy twp.

Thursday last, Robert Brackenridge, Cumberland twp, leaving a widow and 9 very small children

Jul 25, 1821

On 15th, Casper Hoke of York county, 78

Saturday last, Leahey Crowl s/John Crowl, 3y 6m

Aug 1, 1821 Thursday last, at residence of his brother in New-Berlin, Union co., PA, Ralph Lashell, citizen of Gettysburg
Aug 8, 1821 On 2nd in Littlestown, Mrs. Barbara Gaut, 72. Buried in Christ Church burying ground
Aug 15, 1821

Thursday last, Peter Vandyke, 70, Mountpleasant twp.

On 1st, Mary, infant d/Thomas R. Showers of Gettysburg

Aug 22, 1821

On 12th, Gilbert Brinkerhoff, 67, Mountpleasant twp.

On 11th at Littlestown, Mrs. Catharine Little, w/Frederick Little, age 54. Buried at Christ Church burying grounds

On 12th, Gilbert Brinkerhoff, 67, Mountpleasant twp.

On 11th at Littlestown, Mrs. Catharine Little, w/Frederick Little, age 54. Buried at Christ Church burying grounds

On 11th at Littlestown, Amelia Bishop d/Christian Bishop, 1y 7m. Buried in family burying ground of Mr. Bishop attended by Rev. John Grubb

On 11th at Littlestown, Amelia Bishop d/Christian Bishop, 1y 7m. Buried in family burying ground of Mr. Bishop attended by Rev. John Grubb

Aug 29, 1821 Saturday last, infant child of Frederick Ashbaugh of Gettysburg
Sep 5, 1821

On 28th at an advanced age, John Sample, Straban

Thursday last, William Keelen, Mountpleasant twp.

Saturday last, Mrs. Rebecca M'Kinney, consort of Robert M'Kinney, Mountjoy twp.

Sep 12, 1821

Friday last, Mrs. Mary Ann B. Ashbaugh, 17, consort of Frederick Ashbaugh of Gettysburg

On 3rd, Peter Roap, Cumberland twp.

On 4th, Mrs. Elizabeth Bisecker, w/J. Nicholas Bisecker, Franklin twp.

Saturday last, Robert Wilson, Straban twp.

Sep 19, 1821

Friday last, Mrs. Catharine Bauman, consort of Henry Bauman, Straban twp.

Thursday last, Thomas Neely, Reading twp.

On 9th, Jacob Bender, 48, Mountjoy twp.

Nov 7, 1821 On 27th in Littlestown, Michael Will, 85. Buried at Christ Church burying ground
Nov 14, 1821

On 4th, Mrs. Spahn, 78, Straban

On 6th, John George Spangler, 82, Mountpleasant

On 6th, Mr. Sprenkle, 77, Hamiltonban twp.

On 6th, James Neely, 56, Reading twp.

On 7th, William Hodge, 65 Reading twp.

On 5th, Walter Alexander Martin, 17 months, s/Ephraim Martin, Gettysburg

Nov 21, 1821

On 10th, Mrs. Elizabeth Duttry, w/Jacob Duttry, Menallen

On 11th, Michael Bushy, 69 Franklin twp.

On 13th, John Jacob Eckhart, 58, Straban

On 16th, Mrs. Sarah M'Kesson consort of Wm. M'Kesson of Liberty twp., 75

Dec 19, 1821

Thursday last, Mr. Francis Stahlsmith, 69, Straban

On 9th, George Jacobs of York county

Dec 26, 1821

On 12th, Mrs. Stewart, relict of James Stewart, Sr., Hamiltonban twp.

On 12th, John M'Creary, Jr., 33, Mountpleasant twp

Jan 2, 1822 On 21st, Doctor Samuel Knox, Hamiltonban twp.
Jan 9, 1822 On 31st, Mrs. Mary Pfoutz consort of David Pfoutz, Franklin twp.
Jan 16, 1822

Saturday last, Elias Hoke, s/Henry Hoke, Gettysburg, 23

On 6th, Mrs. Mary Dick, relict of Thomas Dick of M'Kessonstown

Jan 23, 1822

Sunday last, Mrs. Martha Wilson consort of David Wilson, Jr., Hamiltonban

On 11th in Washington county, PA, Mrs. Rebecca Lawrence consort of Joseph Lawrence

Jan 30, 1822

On 20th, Mrs. Martha Wilson, w/David Wilson, Jr. Hamiltonban twp. And d/James Agnew of Gettysburg, 35. Left 7 children

On 23rd, Mrs. Eleanor M'Glaughlen, relict of George M'Glaughlen of Hamiltonban twp.

On 22nd, James Currens, Gettysburg

Feb 20, 1822

Thursday last, Mrs. Harman consort of David Harman, Straban twp.

Friday last, Mrs. Jane Stewart consort of John Stewart, Liberty twp.

Mar 20, 1822

On 12th, Catharine Mary Guliland, 6 months, d/Fleming Gilliland, Straban

On 11th, Ann Hickenluber, d/George Hickenluber, Franklin twp.

On 10th, Henry Sell, wagonmaker of Littlestown, committed suicide by hanging himself in his shed

Mar 27, 1822 Saturday last, Thomas A. Bigham, inn-keeper of Petersburg, Huntington twp.
Apr 10, 1822

Friday last, Jesse Wilson, Mountjoy twp.

On 25 Mar, Rev. George H. Woodruff, Rector of the Episcopal Church of St. Johns, Carlisle and of St. Stephens, Adams county

Apr 17, 1822

On 7th, Mrs. Weidaw, consort of Jacob Weidaw, Menallen

On 10th, Charles W. A. Hammer, 61, Menallen

Sunday last, John Rinehart, Sr., 56, Straban

May 8, 1822 Wednesday, the first, George Hickenluber, Franklin twp.
May 15, 1822

On 3rd, Thomas Tucker, 48, Abbottstown

On 8th, Mrs. Alice Sloan, 37, w/Samuel Sloan

May 29, 1822 In Lancaster on the 18th, David Getz, 26, recently of Gettysburg
Jun 5, 1822 On 25th, George Sherman, Germany twp.
Jun 19, 1822

On 10th, Elizabeth Rice, 28, w/Henry Rice

On Saturday last, John Black and on Sunday night last, James Black, sons of John Black, Mountjoy twp.

Jun 26, 1822

On 18th, Thomas W Black, s/Thomas W. Black, Mountjoy twp.

Friday last, daughter, 5, of David Buecher, Mountpleasant

Saturday last, Addison James Gorley, Mountpleasant twp.

Sunday last, a son of Jacob Howard, Mountjoy

Sunday last, a child of Henry Brinkerhoff Jr. Of Straban

Jul 3, 1822

On 24th, a son of George Brinkerhoff, 3, Straban

Thursday last, Robert Thompson, s/James Thompson, 4, Gettysburg

Thursday last, Mrs. Rachel Ewing, 82, relict of Samuel Ewing, Mountpleasant twp.

Saturday last, Mrs. Brinkerhoff, wife of John Brinkerhoff, Straban

Jul 10, 1822

On 3rd, David Wadsworth, s/Michael Wadsworth, 21, Mountpleasant twp.

On 3rd, Sarah Tutt, d/David Tutt, deceased of Straban twp, 8

Sunday last, Mrs. Wadsworth, w/Michael Wadsworth, 54, Mountpleasant

Jul 17, 1822

On 27th, James Blakely, Menallen, 98

On 4th, Mrs. Lydia Leas, w/Daniel Leas, Tyrone twp., 60

On 9th, a son of James Black, Mountjoy twp.

On 10th, a child of Jacob Rummel, Mountpleasant twp.

Thursday last, a child of Peter Lott, Mountpleasant

Friday last, infant son of John Ferree, Hamiltonban twp.

Saturday last, Anna Maria, 10 months, d/George Strickhouser, Straban

Saturday last, Margaret, 3, d/Jacob Rummell, Mountpleasant

Saturday last, Mary Miller, 17, who lived with Andrew Bushman, Cumberland twp.

Sunday last, a son, 19 months, of Peter Stallsmith, Mountjoy twp.

Sunday last, Mrs. Reif, relict of Henry Reif, Menallen

On 13th, Mrs. Juliana Berlucchy, consort of Dr. Charles N. Berlucchy of Gettysburg. Buried in Roman Catholic burying ground on 14th

On 8th, at Conowago Chapel, Adams county, Rev. Adam Brit, 81

Jul 24, 1822

On 15th, Joseph s/Conrad Eckenrode, 6, Straban

On 17th, Anna Maria Apalona, 5, d/John Shriver, Straban

Thursday last, Mrs. Barbara Cress, 84, Cumberland twp. Relict of Valentine Cress

Thursday last, Eliza Caroline, 15 months, d/Daniel Heck Jr., Cumberland twp.

Thursday last, Sarah, d/Tobert Linn, Mountjoy

Thursday last, daughter of Samuel Rautson, 6, Cumberland twp.

Friday last, a son, 1, of John Bear, Jr., Mountjoy twp.

Saturday last, Mrs. Molly Thompson at advanced age, Mountpleasant, relict of James Thompson

Saturday last, infant s/Samuel Ramsey, Gettysburg

Sunday last, Mrs. Catharine Heck, consort of Daniel Heck, Sr., 61, Cumberland twp.

Sunday last, Daniel s/Peter Spangler, 4 months, Straban

Monday last, Mrs. Cownover, consort of John Cownover, Mountjoy

Film skips to Sep 11, 1822

On 18th, at Burnt Cabins, Major John Weems, 70

On 26th, William Hunter, 73, Liberty

On 6th, David Wilson, Jr., Hamiltonban

On 5th, Philip Warner, Straban

Thursday last, Frederick Stoner, 89, Mountjoy

On 1st, Jacob Croft, 19, s/George Croft, Cumberland twp., at house of Samuel Hoover in Millerstown

Sep 18, 1822

On 7th, Charity Brinkerhoff, 30, d/Gilbert Brinkerhoff, deceased, Mountpleasant

On 11th, Thomas Crawford, Cumberland, 83

On 6th, Mrs. Susannah Plank, w/Andrew Plank

Saturday last, James Wilson, s/David Wilson, deceased, Hamiltonban

Sep 25, 1822

On 18th, James Reid Meredith, s/Wm. Meredith of Gettysburg, 11

Thursday last, Mrs. Eleanor M'Kinney, w/John M'Kinney, Mountjoy

On 13th, Alexander Scott, silversmith in Chambersburg

On 15th, at Washington City, Rev. Samuel Davis, Minister of Methodist Episcopal Church, 28

On 1st, Archibald M'Clean, 41, in Chilicothe

Oct 2, 1822

On 25th, Joseph Walker, Cumberland

On 23rd at his residence in Straban, John Graft, Sr., 63

Oct 9, 1822

On 30th, Peter Sanders, Hamiltonban

Sunday last, John Rummel Mountpleasant

Oct 16, 1822

On 9th, Thomas Beals, Latimore

Thursday last, Mrs. Catharine Cross, w/John Cross, Straban

Oct 23, 1822

On 13th, Mrs. Julian Middlekauff, w/Daniel Middlekauff of Hagerstown and d/Jacob Middlekauff of this county

On 14th, Margaret Kerr, d/Joseph Kerr, Cumberland

On 15th, Alexander Dobbin of Gettysburg

On 16th, Mrs. Hannah Cooper, relict of James Cooper, Mountpleasant

Thursday last, Daniel Slagle, Hamilton, 61

Nov 6, 1822 Sunday last at Holly Iron Works in Cumberland county, Thomas R. Showers, formerly of Gettysburg
Nov 27, 1822

On 16th, Leonard Gilbert, 57, Straban

On 20th, Philip Gilbert, Hamiltonban

Saturday last, George M'Pherson s/William M'Pherson, Gettysburg

Saturday last, James M'Curdy, Cumberland twp.

Dec 18, 1822

On 10th, Henry Saltzgeber, 83, Straban

On 5th, Adam Livingston, 77, Straban

On 17th, John Irvin, Sr. Of Hamiltonban

On 26th at Sunbury, Andrew Albright, State Senator from Northumberland and Union counties

Dec 25, 1822

On 17th, Jacob Sanders, Hamiltonban

On 18th, Mrs. Jane Smyth w/Samuel Smyth, Mountpleasant

Jan 1, 1823 Friday last, Henry Bushman, 88, Cumberland
Jan 8, 1823 Sunday last, a daughter of David M'Elroy, Gettysburg, 3
Jan 22, 1823

On 14th, George Burns, Cumberland

Sunday last, John Little of Gettysburg, nearly 22

Feb 5, 1823 On 28th at Catholic Church at Conowago, Rev. Michael Byrne
Feb 12, 1823

Thursday last, Mrs. Elizabeth Gilbert relict of George Gilbert, deceased, 73 (had stroke in Dec 1817)

On 2nd, Peter Piper, Franklin, 87

On 27th at New Berlin, PA, Robert S. Maxwell son of late William Maxwell of Gettysburg

Feb 19, 1823 Friday last, Jacob Shedrone, 81, Straban
Feb 26, 1823 Friday last, Miss Burns, Cumberland twp.
Mar 5, 1823

On 26th, infant d/Charles Ziegler of Gettysburg

Saturday last at Littlestown, William Will Little, 9 months, s/John Little, deceased, of Gettysburg

Sunday last, Sarah Plank, 24, w/George Plank, Cumberland

Mar 12, 1823

Saturday last, Maria Elizabeth, 8 months, d/Philip Hartzell, Straban

Sunday last, Mrs. Elizabeth Ziegler w/Charles Ziegler, 21, Gettysburg

Saturday last, Mrs. Jane Scott, w/James Scott, Millerstown

Mar 19, 1823

On 5th, John Laird, Franklin

On 8th, Joseph Davis, 73, Menallen

Apr 2, 1823

On 26th, Abraham Keeler, 91, Menallen

On 26th, Mrs. Scott, w/William Scott, Hunterstown

Friday last, John Bernhart, 10 months, s/Bernhart Gilbert of Gettysburg

Apr 9, 1823

On 2nd, Alexander Cobean, 57, Gettysburg

On 26th in Mifflintown, Andrew N. Gallagher, Editor of Mifflin Eagle

Apr 23, 1823 Thursday last, Robert Horner, Gettysburg
Apr 30, 1823

Thursday last, Conrad Hoke, Sr., 80, Cumberland

Thursday last, a son of George Sweney of Gettysburg, 10 months

May 7, 1823

Friday last, Mrs. Sarah Reid, w/Benjamin Reid, Sr., Hamiltonban

On 28th, David Flore, 35, Franklin

Jun 11, 1823 On 20th, Gen. Henry Hurst of Meadville, late Senator from that district
Jul 30, 1823

On 23rd, infant d/George Kimper, Gettysburg

Thursday last, Margaret Jones, 13, residing with George Plank, Sr., Cumberland

Sunday last, Mrs. Horner, wife of Eli Horner, Mountjoy

Aug 27, 1823

On 19th, Philip Hatrzell, 53, Straban

On 19th, Nancy Smith, of Cumberland, at residence of John Ewing,

Thursday last, Jacob Winrott, 51, in Gettysburg, Register and Recorder of this county

Thursday last, a child of Christopher Wolf, Gettysburg

Saturday last in Gettysburg, David T. Baily, formerly of Adams co. But currently residing in Frederick co., MD

Sunday last, Catharine Culp, 20, d/Peter Culp, Gettysburg

Sep 10, 1823

In Gettysburg on Thursday last, Mrs. Mary Reed, 63

On 3rd, James Linn, Cumberland

Thursday last, John Jenkins at advanced age, Gettysburg

Thursday last, Moses Witherow, s/Samuel Witherow, Hamiltonban

Friday last, Mrs. Rachel Linn, Cumberland

Saturday last, Mrs. Elizabeth Waugh, w/William Waugh, 71, Hamiltonban

Saturday last, Elias Plank, 15, Cumberland

Sunday last, Samuel Galloway, Cumberland

On 26th in Conowago twp., John L. Gubernator, Sr., 88y 16d

Sep 17, 1823

On 6th at his residence in Latimore, Isaac Deardorff, 77

On 9th in Straban, Harriett M'Ilvain, only d/Robert M'Ilvain, formerly of this place

Wednesday last, Mary Jane Reed, 15 months, d/Thomas C. Reed, Gettysburg

Wednesday last, Robert Kerr, s/William Kerr, Cumberland

Thursday last, Conrad Hoke, 14, s/Conrad Hoke, Cumberland

Saturday last, a child of George Beecher, Straban

On 1st at Lancaster, Ohio, Mrs. Elizabeth Troxel, 64, consort of John Troxel formerly of this place

On 31st at M'Connellsburg, William Bleckley, 23, Franklin twp, s/James Bleckley

On 3rd at M'Connellsburg, James Bleckley, Jr. Elder brother of above. Left wife and two children

Sep 24, 1823

On 16th in Cumberland, William Kerr. Left wife and several small children

On 17th, Mrs. Nancy Guinn, Mountjoy

On 17th, Alfred Slentz, 19 months, s/Philip Slentz of Gettysburg

Thursday last, David Cassat, s/Jacob Cassat, Straban

Friday last, Alexander Russell Wilson, age between 7-8 months, s/Robert W. Wilson, Gettysburg

Monday last, Jacob Wert, Gettysburg

On 9th, Amanda Maria Kelly, d/Francis A. L Kelly, 4, Gettysburg

On 14th, Robert Cunningham, Liberty, at advanced age

Oct 1, 1823

On 25th at his residence in Hamiltonban, Jacob Meals, 40, leaving a wife and three small children

On 24th, David Weibel, 16, Straban

On 24th, William Scott at an advanced age, Hunterstown

On 24th, Joseph Staley, 65, Germany twp.

On 24th, Mrs. Klein, 84, Germany twp.

Thursday last, Mrs. Catharine Polly, 70, w/Andrew Polly, Gettysburg

Thursday last, Mr. Francis Allison, Gettysburg

Friday last, Mrs. Culp, 84, Mountpleasant

Saturday last, Isaac Plank, 11, s/John Plank, Gettysburg

Saturday last, David M'Conaughy, Franklin

Saturday, Michael Bittinger, 53, Franklin

Sunday last, Daniel M'Allister, Mountjoy

On 14th, Andrew Shriver, 75, Germany twp.

On 22nd at Campbells-town, Franklin county, William Hamilton, Cumberland twp.

On 14th at his late residence 10 miles west of Carlisle, Gen. Andrew Mitchell

Oct 8, 1823

On 30th, Mrs. Keefhaber, 61, Cumberland

On 1st, John Jacob Moos, 80, Straban

On 2nd, Mariah M'Ilvain, 16, d/Moses M'Ilvain, Mountjoy

On 2nd in Franklin county, Michael Bosserman, 24, formerly of this co.

Friday last, John Patterson, Cumberland

Friday last, Bartholomew Hoke, Hamiltonban

Monday last, a child of Michael Saltzgever, Straban

Oct 15, 1823

On 7th, Mrs. Elizabeth Boyd, consort of William Boyd, Menallen

On 4th, infant son of Barney M'Sherry, Mountjoy

Oct 22, 1823

On 18th, Mrs. Lydia M'Creary, w/John M'Creary, 68, Mountpleasant

On 14th at advanced age, William Waugh, Hamiltonban

On 14th, Mrs. Margaret Ledy, 83, Mountjoy

On 14th, in Mountjoy, Peter Bercaw, 71

Oct 29, 1823 On 21st, Dr. William Crawford, Cumberland twp., formerly a Rep. In Congress from this District
Nov 5, 1823

On 29th, Peter Zimmerman, 71, Liberty

In September last, of Bilious Fever at Georgetown, SC, Garret, 31, s/David Denmaree of this county

Nov 12, 1823 On 2nd last, in Chambersburg, Samuel Riddle, Attorney at Law
Nov 26, 1823 On 19th, infant d/ Michael C. Clarkson, Gettysburg
Dec 8, 1823

On 9 Nov at Georgetown, D.C., William Kuhns, formerly of this place

Saturday last, Mrs. Jane Heagy, w/Samuel Heagy, Mountjoy

Dec 17, 1823 On 5th, Mrs. Sarah Rieman, w/Jonathan Rieman, 27, Straban
Dec 24, 1823 On 30th, near Mercersburg, Franklin county, Col. James Horner, formerly of this county
Dec 31, 1823

On 22nd, Mrs. Meals, widow/Jacob Meals, Hamiltonban

On 22nd, Mrs. Elizabeth Wood, Hamiltonban

On 23rd, Moses Degroff, Jr., Straban

Jan 27, 1824

On 29th, David Cassat, Sr., Hunterstown

On 29th, James Bowen, s/James Bowen, Gettysburg

On 29th, Jeremiah Little, 20 months, s/Elias Little, Gettysburg

On 30th, Mary Reed, Hamiltonban

Friday last, a daughter, 6 years,, of Philip Heagy, Cumberland

Saturday last, Mrs. Graft, relict of John Graft Sr., Straban

On 1st, Robert W. Wilson, Gettysburg

Jan 14, 1824

On 6th, Miss Wilson, Hamiltonban, d/____ Wilson, deceased

On 7th, Mrs. Margaret Patterson, relict of John Patterson, Cumberland

Thursday last, infant d/Samuel Filby, Gettysburg

Jan 21, 1824

On 12th, John Fried, 73, Mountjoy

On 13th, Mrs. Catharine Bear, w/John Bear Sr., Mountjoy, 46

Friday last, James Fletcher, Cumberland

Feb 11, 1824 On 26th, George Hanke, 35, left wife and 2 small children
Feb 25, 1824

On 12th, Jane M'Ginley, 22, d/Joseph M'Ginley, Hamiltonban

On 2nd, Henry Hoffman, Menallen

On 17th, Leonard Hartzell, Hamiltonban

On 15th, Abraham Boyer, Franklin twp, s/Isaac Boyer

Friday last, Henry Sanders, 6, s/Jacob Sanders, deceased, of Hamiltonban

Sunday last, a daughter of Cornelius Degroff of Gettysburg, 16 months

Mar 17, 1824

On 11th, William Lowden, 74, of Liberty twp.

Friday last, Mrs. Mary Rife, 80, relict of Christian Rife, Gettysburg

Saturday last, Caroline Amelia, 10 months, d/Rev. John Herbst, Gettysburg

Mar 24, 1824

Friday last, a child of Jacob Norbeck, 16 months, Gettysburg

Saturday last, William Cobean, s/William Cobean, Cumberland

Apr 7, 1824

On 29th, Mrs. Johanna Rex, 81, Menallen

On 31st, Daniel Marks, 46, Mountjoy

Apr 14, 1824

On 6th, William Wierman of Petersburg, Huntington twp., 78

On 1st, Mrs. Mary Ann Colvin, w/Robert K. Colvin, 21, of M'Kessonstown

On 3rd at Abbottstown, Benjamin Fahnestock, 34

Last week, John Frederick Charles Becker, s/Simon Becker, Menallen, 12

Apr 21, 1824

On 14th, William Peters, 12 months, s/Henry Peters

Saturday last, a daughter, 3, of Robert Taylor, Gettysburg

Saturday last, Mrs. Shroder, w/Jacob Shroder, Cumberland

May 5, 1824 On 28th, Margaret Campbell, Straban
Jun 2, 1824 On 24th in Hunterstown, David Little, 78
Jun 9, 1824

At York on 28th, David Cassat, 56

On 12th, Mrs. Anna Maria Weikert, consort of John Weikert, near Petersburg (Littlestown) 59

Jun 16, 1824 On 8th, Sophia Crowl, 2, d/Michael Crowl, Franklin
Jun 23, 1824 Friday last, Mrs. Anne Hooghtelin, w/Wilhelmas Hooghtelin, 68
Jun 30, 1824

On 22, Jacob, 3, s/William Wert, Straban

On 22nd, Cecelia, 3, d/Jacob Long, Franklin

On 25th, Solomon, 7 months, s/Samuel Trostle, Straban

On 26th, John Adam, 7, s/John Yagy, Straban

Sunday last, Mrs. Elizabeth Dunwoody, 80, Gettysburg

Jul 7, 1824

Friday last, Margaret Brackenridge, d/Robert Brackenridge, deceased, Cumberland

Some time since, Robert Bigham, Cumberland

Jul 14, 1824

Thursday last, Mary Jane, 3, d/James Gettys, Gettysburg

Sunday last, infant d/John Smith, Gettysburg

Jul 21, 1824

Friday last, Mrs. Smith, w/John Smith, Gettysburg

On 7th at her residence near Strasburg, Franklin county, Mrs. Martha Patterson consort/Cap. Nicholas Patterson, deceased, 95

Jul 28, 1824

On 19th, Michael Fry, 66, Mountjoy

On 19th, William, 2, and on the 21st, Jacob, 6, both sons of Peter Muehlheim, Cumberland

On 20th, Andrew Will, 46, Littlestown

On 21st, a son of James Cunningham, Liberty

On 21st, at an advanced age, Mrs. Maxwell, Liberty

Aug 4, 1824 Thursday last, William Hughes, 11, s/John Hughes, Cumberland
Aug 11, 1824

On 30th, George Yenawein, Mountpleasant

On 2nd, Eleanor, 8-9 months, d/Christopher Wolf, Gettysburg

On 2nd, Catharine Keefhaber, 28, d/Conrad Keefhaber, Cumberland

On 3rd, a daughter of James Bigham, Liberty

On Thursday last, John Shaner, 46, Gettysburg

Thursday last, Catharine Eliza Culp, 10, Gettysburg

Friday last, John Alonzo, s/James A. Thompson, Gettysburg, 2

Saturday last, Margaret Jarvis, 7, d/Eli Jarvis, Liberty

Aug 18, 1824

On 9th, Miss Scott, d/David Scott, Sr., Liberty

On 9th, William Slaybaugh, 34, Menallen

Last week, Andrew, 5, and Jacob, 3, sons/Jacob Walter, Cumberland

Friday last, a daughter and on Sunday, John, 1, children of Samuel Bailey, Franklin

Aug 25, 1824

On 13th, William Moore M'Nair, 4, s/Samuel M'Nair, Liberty

Saturday last, Edward Reed Barrett, 15 months, s/John Barrett, Gettysburg

Sep 8, 1824

On 30th, Jeremiah George Anderson, 2y 2m, s/Daniel Wetnight, Franklin

On 30th, Peter Moritz, Sr., 69, Franklin

On 31st near Gettysburg, Mrs. Mary Dobbin relict of Rev. Alexander Dobbin, 70

On 25th, Lydia, 2, d/John Yagy

On 29th, Peter Kleinfelter, 40, Franklin

Sep 22, 1824 On 20th at residence of Rev. Charles G. M'Lean in Cumberland, Rev. James Gray, D. D., 54
Sep 29, 1824 Sunday last, John M'Conaughy, Attorney and President of Bank of Gettysburg
Oct 6, 1824

Sunday last, Mary Elizabeth., 5, d/Charles S. Ditterline

On 22nd at Frederickstown, MD, Robert Ritchie

Oct 20, 1824

On 13th, Elizabeth Brown, 2 yrs, d/John Brown, Gettysburg

On 11th, Jane Waugh Harper, 6, d/John Harper, Liberty

Oct 27, 1824

On 18th at an advanced age, Mrs. Douglass Liberty

Last week, Thomas Armor of Hunterstown, fell from a cart and died of his injuries

Nov 17, 1824 On 3rd, George Hartzell, Sr., of Menallen. He had 17 children (13 are married) 100 grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren – in all 129 – only 6 have died
Nov 24, 1824 Thursday last, John Gettys, 10 months, s/James Gettys, Gettysburg
Dec 29, 1824

On 20th, a child of Joseph Kemper, Straban

On 22nd, Bayard Hamilton Harper, 17 months, s/Robert G. Harper, Editor of the Centinel

Jan 26, 1825 On 19th, Hannah Maria Ziegler, only d/George Ziegler, Gettysburg, 4
Feb 2, 1825 Sunday last, Mrs. Giffin, w/Andrew Giffin, Gettysburg
Feb 9, 1825 On 31st, Robert Rea, Hamiltonban
Feb 16, 1825

Friday last, Mrs. Barbara Reinhart, Straban

Sunday last, Mrs. M'Dermott, w/John M'Dermott, Mountjoy

Feb 23, 1825 On 12th, Mrs. Jane Demaree, 61, Straban
Mar 2, 1825 On 21st, William Clark, 45, Cumberland
Mar 9, 1825 Sunday last, John Harman, 22, s/Daniel Harman, Straban
Mar 16, 1825

On 8th, Andrew Polly, 85, Gettysburg

On 8th, George Meals, Menallen

On 18th in Mercer co., Mrs. Duncan w/James Duncan formerly Prothonotary of this co.

Mar 23, 1825 On 16th, Henry Little, Mountjoy
Mar 30, 1825

Friday last at residence of Robert W. Keech in Gettysburg, Robert K. A. Bailey s/David T. Bailey, deceased, 2

On 21st, Hugh Dunwoody, Cumberland

Apr 6, 1825 Monday last at advanced age, Mrs. Long, relict of Wm. Long, Straban
Apr 13, 1825

Saturday last, David Newman, farmer, Franklin

Sunday last, James Agnew, 84, Gettysburg

Sunday last, Elizabeth M'Conaughy, Gettysburg

On 29th, Lewis Chamberlain, 65, Franklin

Apr 20, 1825

On 8th, Mrs. Jane Hill, w/Joseph Hill, Liberty, 33

Saturday last, Henrietta Charlotte Gillespey, 6-7 months, d/William Gillespey, Gettysburg

Apr 27, 1825 On 21st, Archibald Boyd, 60, Cumberland
May 4, 1825

Friday last Catharine Wolverton, Liberty

On 5th near Middletown, Conrad Young, 97

May 18, 1825

Thursday last, Mrs. Margaret Sheakley, relict of George Sheakley, Franklin

Last week, a d/Jacob Hoover, Franklin

Last week, 2 of the 4 infant children of John Livingston, Straban

Jun 15, 1825

On 8th, Tobias Boyer, Sr., Menallen

Sunday last, John Butler, Sr., 83, Gettysburg

Jun 22, 1825 Thursday last, Mrs. Susan Sheakley w/Robert Sheakley, Franklin
Jul 6, 1825 On May 12, at his residence in Liberty, Philip M'Divit, 79. Emigrated to this country from Ireland in 1798
Jul 13, 1825

Saturday last, John Culp, 28, Taneytown, MD, s/Christian Culp of Gettysburg

On 3rd, Allanson Kuhns, 5, s/Abraham Kuhns, Mountjoy

Jul 20, 1825 Saturday last, Mrs. Mary Agnew, 72, relict of James Agnew, late of Gettysburg
Aug 3, 1825

Thursday last, infant and only son of Robert G. Harper, Editor of Adams Centinel

On 17th, Abraham Bercaw, Sr., 71, Straban

On 23rd at house of James A. M'Greary near Baltimore, Mrs. Mary Jane Annan, w/Dr. Samuel Annan of that city, and d/Maj. John M'Kaleb of Tanneytown, MD

Aug 10, 1825

Saturday last, Joseph Hunter, 77, Mountjoy

Saturday last, Peter Monfort, Mountjoy, at advanced age

Aug 24, 1825

In Lancaster on 14th, Robert Coleman, 77

On 6th in Millcreek twp., Polly Pecher, d/Simon Pecher, formerly of this co.

Aug 31, 1825

Thursday last, Mrs. Margaret Brown, w/Col. Richard Brown, Gettysburg

Friday last, Hannah Culp, 3, d/Peter Culp, Gettysburg

Sep 7, 1825 Monday, Charles S. Ditterline, Gettysburg
Sep 14, 1825 On Friday last, George Knop, 71, Straban
Sep 21, 1825

Saturday last, infant s/Peter Weikert Straban

Sunday last, Conrad Hepperle, 48, Gettysburg

Sep 28, 1825

Thursday last, John Hoke, 44, Hamiltonban

On 5th, Mrs. Rachel Espy, Huntington

Oct 5, 1825 On 21st, William m. M'Dowell, Attorney at Chambersburg, 32
Oct 19, 1825

Sunday last, Gen. John Edie, 71, Gettysburg

Sunday last, George Smith, Gettysburg

Nov 2, 1825 On 8th, Henry Brackbill, Sr., 90y 7m
Nov 9, 1825

On 2nd, George Eyholtz, 38, Menallen

Thursday last, Joseph Pilkington, Huntington

Friday last, Mrs. Waltemyer, 96, Huntington

Dec 14, 1825 Monday last, Mrs. Bringman, at advanced age, Gettysburg
Jan 25, 1826 Friday last, Louis Kandelhardt, 64, Gettysburg
Feb 8, 1826

Sunday last, Andrew Black, 25, Gettysburg

Sunday last, Thomas Wood, Cumberland

Feb 15, 1826

Sunday last, a daughter of T C. Miller, Gettysburg, 10 – 11 months

Friday last, Mrs. Magdalena Bercaw w/George Bercaw, 47, Mountjoy

Saturday last, James Scott, s/Abraham Scott Sr., Liberty

On 29th at his residence on Little ___ Creek, near Westminster, Frederick county, MD, David Shriver, Sr., 91. Born in Conowago twp

Feb 22, 1826

On 17th, Capt. Charles Wilson, 74, Mountjoy

On 17th, Mrs. Catharine Sell, w/Henry Sell, Gettysburg

Mar 1, 1826

Friday last, Henry Hoke, 73, Gettysburg

On 20th, James Vernon M'Gorgan, s/Robert M'Gorgan, Liberty, 4m 13d

Mar 8, 1826

On 1st, Robert M'Ilheny of Petersburg (Littlestown), 78

On 25th at Hanover, Rev. Jacob H. Wiestling, 34

On 22nd, John Mouse, 63, Mountpleasant

Mar 15, 1826

On 3rd, James Morrow, 2, s/James Morrow, Franklin

On 1st, John Kuhn, 75, Conowago

On 6th, John Houck, 64, Conowago

Mar 22, 1826

On 4 Feb aboard Steam Boat Herald from Cincinnati to New Orleans, William Miller, Jr., 23. Buried at Natchez in Mississippi on 8 Feb. Resided in Gettysburg

Friday last, William Harbold, Reading

On 12th, James Dickson, Heidlersburg

On 7th, Mrs. Sarah Risk, 81, Menallen

Mar 29, 1826 On 21st, Benjamin Franklin Gilbert, 7 weeks, s/B. Gilbert, Gettysburg
Apr 5, 1826

Saturday last, Mrs. Catharine Welsh, 48, w/George Welsh, Gettysburg

Wednesday last, infant child of D. E. Fahnestock, Gettysburg

On 27th, Peter Beeher, 51, Gettysburg

On 13th, Abraham Hooghtelin, 70, Mountjoy

Apr 19, 1826

On 11th at Tavern of Wm. M'Clellan, Sr. In Cumberland twp., George Orr at an advanced age

Wednesday last, Mr. Baker of Gettysburg

Apr 26, 1826

Thursday last, William M'Taggart, 34, Oxford

Sunday last, Jane Smith, d/Walter Smith, Gettysburg

At Mr. Byer's Tavern in Guilford twp. On 15th, Joseph Ewing, a printer, native of Adams county

May 24, 1826 Saturday last, Michael Degroff, 14 months, s/Michael Degroff, Gettysburg
May 31, 1826 On 16th, Mrs. Elizabeth Rice w/Peter Rice, Menallen
Jun 7, 1826 On 27th, Jacob Hoover, 64, Menallen
Jun 14, 1826 On 6th, Mary Jane Paxton, 10 months, d/Dr. John Paxton, Gettysburg
Jun 21, 1826 On 9th, Mrs. Hannah Shriver, 32, consort of Samuel Shriver of Littlestown. Left three small children
Jul 12, 1826

On 4th, William G Slentz, 8, s/Philip Slentz, Gettysburg

Thursday last, Daniel Funk, Huntington, at advanced age

Jul 26, 1826

Monday last, Mrs. Ann Paxton, Gettysburg

Thursday last in Waynesburg, Franklin county, PA Mrs. Felix, w/Dr. George Felix, formerly of Gettysburg

Aug 2, 1826

In Carlisle on 24th, Jacob Keigley, Sr., 69.

Thursday last, William Walter, 88, Menallen

Saturday last, a child, 6 months, of Henry Sell, Gettysburg

Monday last, a daughter, 3 weeks, of F. W. Koehler, Editor of the Gettysburg Intelligencer

Aug 9, 1826

On 29th, Ludwig Wampler, 75, of Westminster, Frederick co., MD

On 31st, Elizabeth Clunk, d/Martin Clunk of M'Sherrystown

Aug 16, 1826

On 6th, Mrs. Catharine Loughead w/Mr. Loughead of Mummasburg

At Millerstown on Thursday last, William Gray s/Mrs. Letitia Gray, Cumberland

Thursday last, a son of George Test, 1, Gettysburg

Aug 23, 1826 On 11th, Mrs. Wolford, relict of Peter Wolford, Mountpleasant
Aug 30, 1826

On 20th, Mrs. Catharine Baugher w/Frederick Baugher, Sr. Of Abbottstown, 66

On 14th in M'Sherrystown, Jacob Marks, 29

Sep 20, 1826

At Wrightsville, York county, on 11th, Dr. James Speer, formerly of Gettysburg

On 7th at his farm in Salem twp., Columbiana co., OH, Nicholas Burger, 86, former resident of this county. Left widow, 5 children, 51 grand children, 21 great grandchildren

Sep 27, 1826

On 20th, Mrs. Catharine Black, w/John Black (Miller) of Mountjoy

On 20th Mrs. M'Gaughy, w/William M'Gaughy Sr., Cumberland

Oct 11, 1826

On 29th, Conn Menich, Franklin

On 4th, Mrs. Rachel Witherow, w/Maj. Samuel Witherow of Carroll's Delight

Oct 18, 1826

On 17th, John Ahrendt, 58, Franklin

Saturday last, Mrs. Magdalena Gitt consort of William Gitt Sr. Of Conowago

Oct 25, 1826

Thursday last, an only son of John Ebert, 13, Menallen

On 15th, Mrs. M'Grew relict of Wm. M'Grew of Menallen

Nov 15, 1826 On 2nd, Mrs. Veronica Weikert, 24 of Mountjoy, w/Andrew Weikert
Nov 22, 1826 On 9th in Conowago twp., John Will, 29
Nov 29, 1826

On 18th, Mary Boyd, d/William Boyd, Menallen

On 21st, David Ziegler, s/George Ziegler, 3y 6m. Gettysburg

Dec 13, 1826

Thursday last, Adam Mathias Walter, s/Adam Walter, Gettysburg, 5-6 months

Saturday last, George Edmund Swope, s/George Swope, Gettysburg, 6 weeks

Dec 20, 1826 On 30th, William M'Kesson of Liberty, 79
Dec 27, 1826 Thursday last, David Reiley, s/Barnabas Reiley, Liberty, 3
Jan 10, 1827

In Baltimore on the 1st, John E. Swan, 38 at house of M. W. & J. Swan, and son-in-law of Walter Smith, Gettysburg

On 20th, John Martin, 51, Liberty

Jan 17, 1827 On 7th, Joseph Woods, Cumberland
Jan 24, 1827

On 10th, William Brackenridge, s/Robert Brackenridge, deceased, of Cumberland, 7

On 13th, infant child of John M'Kee, Liberty

Sunday last, child, 4 months, of Lawrence Schick, Gettysburg

Jan 31, 1827

Saturday last, Samuel M'Cullough, Jr., Cumberland

On 17th, Mrs. Rebecca Kyner, Franklin county, d/John Myers deceased, 35

Feb 7, 1827

On 28th, Mrs. Rebecca Agnew w/James Agnew of M'Connellsburg, Bedford county, formerly of Gettysburg

On 24th in Petersburg (Littlestown) Joseph Shane, 25

On 1st at residence of Mr. M'Allister near Harrisburg, Dr. Jonathan Neely, s/Jonathan Neely of this county

Feb 21, 1827 Saturday last at Harrisburg George Showers, s/Samuel Showers of this county
Feb 28, 1827

On 20th, Mrs. Anne Hunt, Gettysburg

On 13th at his residence in Guilford twp., Franklin county, John Cawford, 82

Mar 7, 1827 On 22nd, Charles Wilson Peale, 87
Mar 21, 1827

On 14th, Charles Berlucchy, s/Dr. C. N. Berlucchy, Gettysburg, 2

Saturday last, Robert Gettys, s/James Gettys, deceased, 18

Mar 28, 1827 Sunday last, William Work, 75, Cumberland
Apr 4, 1827

On 26th, Enos Weakly (an apprentice of Robert Taylor of Gettysburg) 13

Monday last, Charles William Edward s/William E. Camp, 7 months, Gettysburg

Apr 11, 1827

Sunday last, Robert Hayes, Gettysburg

On 2nd, Elizabeth Walter, d/Henry Walter of Menallen, 24

On 4th at his son-in-laws residence in Harrisburg, Frederick Rupley, formerly of Gettysburg, 60

Apr 18, 1827

On 9th, George Washington Fricker, 13, residing with Mr. Keefhaber of Cumberland

On 3rd, Mrs. Martha Hutton, w/Levi Hutton of Menallen, 64

Apr 25, 1827 Thursday last, James Henry Degroff, s/Henry Degroff, Gettysburg, 4m 16d
May 2, 1827

On 25th, Thomas Meredith, Hamiltonban, 66

On 21st, Valentine Fehl, Menallen, 70

Jun 6, 1827 On 25th, Mrs. Elizabeth Walter of Franklin, 57
Jun 13, 1827 On 5th, Mrs. Sarah Stauter, w/George Stauter, Menallen
Jun 20, 1827 On 11th, Mrs. Catharine Toot, w/Jacob Toot, Straban, Straban, 21
Jun 27, 1827

On 19th, near York Springs, Ruth Wierman, w/John Wierman, 71

On 20th, John Edie, Gettysburg, 35

Friday last, Frances Galligher, d/Michael Galligher, Gettysburg, 7-8 months

Sunday last, Florence Taylor, d/Robert Taylor, Gettysburg, 15-16 months

Jul 25, 1827

Friday last, Samuel Smyth, Mountpleasant

Saturday last, infant child of Abraham Spangler, Straban

On 13th, Dr. Robert L. Annan, of Emmittsburg, MD

Aug 22, 1827

On 21st, Henry Welsh of Hanover, York county, 79

Saturday last, Miss Moose of Mountjoy

Sep 5, 1827

Friday last, Moses Leas, Menallen, 42

Saturday last, Herbert Smith, Cumberland, 57

Thursday last, Theodore Leber, s/P. Leber of New Chester, Straban, 19m 7d

Sep 19, 1827

Saturday last, Mrs. Ann Long, w/Alexander Long of Straban, formerly of Gettysburg

On 10th, Joseph Knox, merchant of Carlisle, 52

Sep 26, 1827

On 18th, Ann Giffin, Gettysburg, 83

On 18th, Mrs. Elizabeth Saltzgeber, w/Michael Saltzgeber, Franklin, 35

On 18th, Wm. Miller, s/John Miller, Cumberland, 7

On 19th, Washington Miller Black, s/John Black, Cumberland, 10

Friday last, Andrew Plank, Cumberland, 44

Oct 3, 1827

On 24th, infant d/Samuel Polly, Straban

On 25th, Samuel Schmucker Buehler, s/Samuel H. Buehler, Gettysburg, 7-8 months

On 21st, Alexander Hunter, Mountjoy, 82

Thursday last, Mrs. Sarah Shoaf, last at Wrightsville, York county, late of Gettysburg

Oct 10, 1827

On 1st, Cap. David Scott, Liberty, 78

Sunday last, James M'Cleary, s/James M'Cleary, Liberty

Oct 17, 1827

Sunday last, Barnabas M'Sherry, Cumberland

On 12th in M'Sherrystown, Anthony Stormbaugh, at an advanced age

On 9th, Ann Torrence of Mountpleasant, 49

Oct 24, 1827

On 5th, John M'Creary, Mountpleasant, 78

In Frederick on 11th, Zebulon Owings of Emmittsburg

Nov 7, 1827 On 30th, John Kemper, Mountpleasant, 75
Nov 14, 1827 On 3rd, Mrs. Magdelena Stein, Conowago, 33
Nov 21, 1827

Sunday last, Christian Benner, 60, Straban

On 8th, Elizabeth Beecher, d/David Beecher, Franklin, 15

Nov 28, 1827 On 22nd, Thompson T. Bonner, member of Legislature from this county
Dec 5, 1827

On 27th in Gettysburg, Mrs. Sarah Smith, widow of Samuel Smith deceased, formerly of Mountjoy, 86

On 16th, Joshua Arthur, Liberty, 27

On 22nd, Mrs. Catharine Lohr, w/Jacob Lohr, 33

Dec 12, 1827

On 1st, John Leonard of Oxford, native of Reisterstown, MD, 19

On 2nd, Jacob M'Clellan, Millerstown, 93

Dec 19, 1827

On 10th, infant s/Daniel Benner, Straban

On 6th, Mrs. Barbara Spangler, w/Peter Spangler, Tyrone, aged upwards of 60 years

Dec 26, 1827 On 16th, Edward, s/Benjamin Fink, Berwick, 6
Jan 2, 1828 Saturday last, Mrs. Epley, 76, Cumberland
Jan 9, 1828 On 25th, Andrew Wray, Menallen
Jan 23, 1828

On 15th, Magdalena Weibel relict of Stephen Weibel, Straban, 51

On 5th at Greencastle, Franklin county, PA, Smith Gelvin, recently of Gettysburg

Jan 30, 1828 Saturday last, Samuel Young, Gettysburg, 21, s/Samuel Young deceased, formerly of Menallen
Feb 6, 1828 On 12th, Jacob Weidaw, Menallen, 68
Feb 20, 1828 On 20th in Gettysburg, Maria W. M'Connell, d/George M'Connell deceased, formerly of Hamiltonban, 22
Feb 27, 1828

Sunday last, William Durboro??? (ink spots on paper) of Mountjoy

On 20th in Gettysburg, Maria W. M'Connell, d/George M'Connell deceased, formerly of Hamiltonban, 22

Mar 5, 1828

Sunday last, Miss Komp, d/Andrew Komp of Franklin

Sunday last, Mrs. Mary Stofer consort/John Stofer, 40, Hamiltonban

On 16 Feb at Lewistown, Mifflin co., PA William Watkins Cogley, s/Joseph M. Cogley, formerly of Gettysburg, 3

On 23rd, Mrs. Margaret Lockhart, relict/Moses Lockhart, Mountpleasant, 93

Mar 12, 1828

On 16th, Patrick Dunn, Mountpleasant, 48

On 29 Jan at house of George Crowl near New Lisbon, OH, Mrs. Maria Burger relict Nicholas Burger formerly of this county, 85. Left 5 children, 56 grandchildren, and 25 great grandchildren

Mar 19, 1828

On 23rd, near Harbaugh's Valley, Mrs. Catharine Krise relict/John Krise, 100

On 25th at Wrightsville, PA, Mary, d/Dr. Alexander Speer, formerly of Gettysburg, 4 months

Mar 26, 1828

Sunday last, Mrs. Sarah Stewart, w/David Stewart, Menallen

Sunday last, a son of John M'Dermand, Gettysburg, 10

On 16th, infant d/Dr. David Horner, Gettysburg

Apr 2, 1828

On Sunday last at residence of Mr. Francis L. Kelly in Gettysburg, Lawrence Enholm (from Sweden)

On 25th, David M'Creary, Sen., Straban, 70

Friday last, infant son of Mr. Wilson of Hunterstown

Apr 16, 1828

Sunday last, John Demaree. Mountpleasant

Thursday last, a d/Henry Wartz, Straban, 13 months

On 7th Mrs. Elizabeth O'Harra, w/David O'Harra of Oxford, Berwick twp.

On 9 Feb at Shellsburg, Bedford county, PA, Mrs. Anna Maria Rimmel relict/Ludwig Rimmel, formerly of Gettysburg, 90

Apr 23, 1828

Friday last, Margaret M'Conaughy, d/John M'Conaughy, deceased of Gettysburg, 13

On 1 April at Mount Comfort, Capt. George Smith, 70. Born and lived in Adams county for 66 years

Apr 30, 1828 Friday last, Catharine Knouse, d/Daniel Knouse, Franklin, 18
May 7, 1828 On 26th in Littlestown, Mrs. Magdalena Burgesser, w/George Burgesser, 72
May 14, 1828

Sunday last, Mrs. Hulick, w/Isaac Hulick of Mountjoy

On 3rd, James Wilson, Hamiltonban

On 28th in Latimore twp., William Martin, s/Peter Martin, 22

May 21, 1828

On 12th at residence of his son in Gettysburg, James Wharfe, formerly of Philadelphia, 69

On 14th, Mrs. Teresa C. Wharfe, w/Joseph Wharfe, Gettysburg, 25

In Littlestown on the 15th, Jackson A. Shriver, s/Samuel Shriver, 3

May 28, 1828

On 21st, Mrs. Mary Smith w/Henry Smith, Hamiltonban

Sunday last, Theodore L. A. Koehler, s/Frederick William Koehler, editor of "Gettysburg Intelligencer", 6-7 weeks

Jun 4, 1828

On 26th, Matilda Stauch, d/Mrs. Stauch, Gettysburg, 16

On 18th, Robert S. M'Creary, 5; on 22nd, Margaret M'Creary, 7; and on 29th, Stephen Calvin M'Creary, 2y 8m, all children of William M'Creary of Liberty

Jun 18, 1828 Sunday last at residence of her father, Wm. M'Clellan, Sr., in Cumberland, Mrs. Charlotte Shower, relict/Thomas R. Shower
Jun 25, 1828 On 14th at advanced age, Benjamin Reed, Hamiltonban
Jul 9, 1828

On 2nd, Wilson White Kelley, s/Francis A. L Kelley, Gettysburg, 14 months

Thursday last a son/Joseph Slentz, Gettysburg

Friday last, at the Poor House, Mrs. Jane Lytle

Jul 16, 1828 On 6th in Menallen, Mrs. Sarah Menoch, relict/Conn Menoch, 71
Jul 23, 1828

Saturday last in Millerstown at advanced age, Mrs. Agness Reed, relict/Gen. William Reed

Friday last, Mrs. Louisa Baugher, w/Joseph Baugher, Hamiltonban

Saturday last, Juliana Polly, d/Daniel Polly, Straban, 14

Jul 30, 1828

On 23rd, Jane Hall, Menallen, formerly of Cumberland

Thursday last, Lucy Ann Bittinger d/John Bittinger, Franklin

Some days since, Catharine Minter, Menallen

Also, Sampson Lawber, s/Jacob Lawber, Menallen

On 15th, Mrs. Jenkins, relict/Lewis Jenkins, Abbottstown, 85

Aug 6, 1828

Thursday last at home of Mrs. Wampler in Gettysburg, Miss Nancy Moore, 77

Thursday last, infant d/Henry Little, Cumberland

On 28th, infant d/John Staub of Petersburg (Littlestown)

On 26th, s/John Bittinger, Franklin, 17 months

On 30th, a child/Michael Minter, deceased, late of Menallen

Aug 13, 1828

On 6th, Mrs. Jane White, w/Gen. Samuel White of Petersburg (York Springs), 43, dropsy

Sunday last, George Beasecker, Franklin

On 4th, Isaac Robison, Mountpleasant, 84

On 29th, John Wilson, merchant of Carlisle, s/Capt. David Wilson this co.

On 1st, Conrad Doll, Abbottstown, 49. His wife died a week previously

Aug 20, 1828

On 13th, Margaret Boyd, d/Archibald Boyd, deceased, Cumberland, 17

Thursday last, infant/Henry Degroft, Cumberland

Friday last, Ruth Allison, d/Francis Allison, deceased, Gettysburg

Aug 27, 1828

On 7th, near Canton, Stark county OH, Thomas Sweney, late of Cumberland, 76

Wednesday last, Mrs. Rebecca Campbell, w/Hugh Campbell, Straban, 87

Saturday last, Jesse F. Wright, s/Samuel B. Wright, Menallen, 8y 11m

Saturday last, John Myers of Round Top, Reading, 37

Sep 3, 1828

On 26th, Mary Jane Wharfe, d/Joseph Wharfe, Gettysburg, 10 months

Friday last, Jacob Rummel, Mountpleasant, 47

In Dearborne county, IN on 11th of dysentery, Margaret, only d/Ancil and Margaret Beach, formerly of Straban, 1y 6m 12d

Sep 10, 1828

On 1st, John Jacob Maurey, s/Adam Maurey, Gettysburg, 11m 15d

Friday last, Conrad Hanes of Reading, 68

On 31st, Mrs. Barbara Weaver, Huntington, 76

Sep 24, 1828

On 16th, Mrs. Sarah Tutt, w/Henry Tutt, Cumberland

On 5th, William Augustus, s/Dr. J. A. Shorb, Littlestown, 1 year

On 22nd, at house of William Torbert in township of East Caln, Robert Taylor, 60

Oct 1, 1828 On 25th, Peter Working, Liberty
Oct 8, 1828

On 19 Sep, Mrs. Sarah Young w/John Young of MD, near Emmittsburg, 39

On 23rd, Col. Robert M'Ilvaine Littlestown, formerly of Gettysburg

On 8 Sep at his residence in Madison county, VA, John Rowan, 30; and on 12th at same place, his sister, Jane, 33, both lately of this county and c/James Rowan, Cumberland (left father's 5 weeks since)

Oct 15, 1828 On 6th, Joseph Lobaugh, Latimore
Oct 22, 1828 On 1st at res. Of Hugh Scott near Washington, PA, John Scott, s/James Scott, formerly of this place
Oct 29, 1828

On 3rd, Mrs. Jane Hill, s/Samuel Hill, Franklin

On 22nd, Abraham Miller, Inn-keeper of Abbottstown

Nov 5, 1828 Friday last, Isabella Branwood, Franklin
Nov 12, 1828

On 4th, a son of Mr. Roser, Mountjoy, 10

Sunday last, Mrs. Eleanor M'Glaughlin, Franklin

On 29th at res. Of John Monfort in Straban, Mrs. Monfort w/Francis Monfort of OH

Nov 19, 1828

On 7th, Jacob Fohl, Menallen

On 4th, Mrs. Catharine Eck, Oxford

On 4th, John Chambers, Berwick

Nov 26, 1828

On 19th, James Maginly, Hamiltonban

On 8th, Isaac Pearson, Huntington

On 12th, at Mount St. Mary's Seminary near Emmittsburg, MD., the Rev. James A. Lynch Professor of Math., 26

Dec 12, 1828 Saturday last, John Richards, Gettysburg. He was married on 18 Sep last to Mrs. Mary Miller of east Cumberland county.
Dec 17, 1828 Thursday last, Peter Raffensberger, Sr., Hamiltonban, 67
Dec 31, 1828 Thursday last, at home of James Gallaher in Gettysburg, Patrick M'Philamy (apoplexy induced by intemperance)
Jan 21, 1829

Thursday last, Mrs. Maria Elizabeth Black, w/John Black of Cumberland

At Carlisle on 2nd, Mrs. Mary Aughinbaugh, 84y 2m 19d

Thursday last at Washington city, Mrs. Anne Boyd, w/Robert B. Boyd, formerly of Gettysburg, 54

Jan 28, 1829

At her res. In Germany twp., on 20th, Mrs. Catharine Arnold, relict/Henry Arnold, 56

Friday last, Mrs. Susannah Wartz, w/Henry Wartz, Straban, 44

Feb 11, 1829

On 3rd, Mrs. Catharine Slagle, w/Christopher Slagle of Conowago, 82

Friday last, John Moretz, Franklin, 40

Saturday last, Mrs. Barbara Miller w/Michael Miller, Gettysburg, 26

In Reading, PA on 27th, John F. Grier, D. D., Pastor of First Pres. Church and Principal of Reading Academy. He was son of Mrs. Mary Paxton of Gettysburg, 45

Feb 25, 1829 On 15th at his residence near Oxford, Rev. John F. Melsheimer, formerly of Hanover
Mar 4, 1829 On 18th, Patrick Reid of Emmittsburg, MD
Mar 11, 1829 On 16th in Abbottstown, Mrs. Elizabeth Miller, relict of Abraham Miller, 44
Mar 18, 1829 Thursday last in Gettysburg, Dr. Thomas Cobean, s/Alexander Cobean, deceased
Mar 25, 1829

Tuesday last, Henry Ziegler s/Charles Ziegler, Gettysburg, 4

On 16th, Mrs. Major, w/Robert Major Sr., Menallen

Apr 1, 1829

At his res. Near Littlestown on 17th, Valentine Stehr, 77

Sunday last, Mrs. Martha Robinette, w/Allen Robinette of Latimore

Apr 8, 1829 On 31st, Mrs. Martha Wilson relict/Robert Wilson, Straban
Apr 15, 1829

On 31st, Mrs. Mary Rankin, Hamiltonban

On 3rd, John Ehrhart, 67

Apr 22, 1829

On 10th at advanced age, Mrs. Smith w/Herbert Smith, deceased, Cumberland

On 12th, John Majors, Menallen, 24

On 13th, Margaret Marsden, 60 (recently had property destroyed by fire in Mountpleasant)On 9th, William Bigham, Liberty, 72

On 14th, David Horner Sr., Gettysburg, 57

Friday last, Thomas Carson, Mountjoy

Apr 29, 1829

On 20th, Mrs. Catharine Flohr, w/Valentine Flohr, Franklin

Sunday last, William Edward s/William E. Camp, Gettysburg, 14 months

On 18th, Baltzer Pitzer, Franklin, 79

May 6, 1829

Sunday last, Lawrence Schick, Gettysburg, 37

Same day, Sarah Jane d/Ephraim Martin, Gettysburg, 3 months

May 13, 1829

On 6th, Sarah Caroline, d/Barnabas Reily, Liberty, 8-9 months

Thursday last, Sarah Jane, d/Henry Ferry, Gettysburg, 21m 5d

On 28th at residence of John Murphy, Jr. In Baltimore county, MD, Mrs. Mary Ramsey w/Samuel Ramsey, lately of Gettysburg, 40

May 20, 1829

On 6th, Jacob Kopp, Hamiltonban, 38

On 9th, William Bigham, Liberty, 72

May 27, 1829

Thursday last, Jacob Shraeder, Gettysburg, 45

Friday last, Catharine Webster, Huntington, at advanced age

Jun 3, 1829

On 27th, Martin Carl Sr., Berwick, 82

At Petersburg, 3 or 4 weeks ago, Mrs. Catharine Merkel, 95

Near New Oxford on 24th, Frederick Myers, 54

Thursday last, Mrs. Ann Ewing, relict/William Ewing, Franklin

Jun 16, 1829 On Sunday last, infant s/James Morrow, Franklin
Jul 21, 1829

On 5th, Mrs. Abigail Winrott, w/Samuel Winrott of Littlestown, 21

On 14th, Mrs. Phillippina Wicky w/Dr. Lewis Wicky of Berlin, 44

Jul 28, 1829 Thursday last at advanced age, William Orr, Hamiltonban
Aug 11, 1829

Friday last, John Gilson Bell s/Wm. W. Bell, Gettysburg, 2 _ years

Yesterday, Jane Martin, grand daughter of William Boys, Menallen

On 28th in Buttstown, near York, PA, William Slagle, hatter, formerly of this place, 21

Aug 18, 1829

At residence of John Witherow in Frederick co., MD on 2nd, Eleanor Ross, formerly of Straban, 62

On 3rd, John Vance, Straban, at advanced age

Aug 25, 1829

In Taneytown, MD on Saturday last, Mrs. John Longwell, relict/Matthew Longwell, deceased, formerly of Gettysburg

On 26th, Mrs. Jane Lemmon, Butler, 105

Sep 8, 1829

Thursday last, Robert Major, Sr., Menallen, 70

On 7th, Mrs. Elizabeth Sweney, relict of James Sweney, Cumberland, 56

Sep 15, 1829

On 10th, John Adam Blum, Menallen, 71

In Littlestown on 11th, James Will, s/George Will, 2y 2m

Sep 29, 1829

Friday last, Hugh Denwiddie, Mountjoy

On 14th, Margaret Moorhead, d/Fletcher Moorhead of Petersburg

On 21st, Mary Ann, d/Capt. Garret Cownover, Mountpleasant, 13 months

In Frederick, MD on Wed. Last, Rev. Jonathan Helfenstein, who had been pastor of German Ref. Church for 20 years

Oct 6, 1829 Sunday last, Henry Steffy, s/Jacob Steffy of this borough
Oct 13, 1829 On 6th, Casandana, d/David C. Kitzmiller, of vicinity of this borough, 6 months
Oct 20, 1829 Sunday last, Mrs. Sheet w/John Sheet, Sr. Of this borough
Nov 3, 1829

On 27th, Cornelius Degroff of Straban

On 14 October at Lawrenceburg, IN, James Fleming Ewing, s/John Ewing of this county, 26

Nov 17, 1829 Saturday last, Mrs. Catharine Reinhart, w/John Reinhart of Straban and d/George Plank of Cumberland, 35 (died from severe burns after shawl caught fire)
Dec 8, 1829

Wednesday last in Frederick, MD, Col. John M'Pherson of that place

On 18th, Mr. Elizabeth Duttero, w/George Duttero, 45Near Dillstown, York county, on 25th, Samuel M'Ilhenny, s/James M'Ilhenny Sr., Mountjoy

Near Dillstown, York county, on 25th, Samuel M'Ilhenny, s/James M'Ilhenny Sr., Mountjoy

Jan 12, 1830

Saturday last, Mrs. Lydia Trostle, w/Samuel Trostle of Straban

On 22nd, Mrs. Christia Timmons of Berwick, 80, relict/Thomas Timmons

On 17th, Bernhart Allewelt of Berwick, 89

Feb 2 1830

On 22nd, Mrs. Deborah Hewett, w/George Hewett, Menallen, 78

Tuesday last, Mrs. Mary Jenkins of this borough, relict/John Jenkins, 68

On 27th, Garret Demaree of Mountpleasant, 76

Feb 9, 1830

Sunday last, Mrs. Margaret Walker of Straban, w/William Walker

Thursday last at Poor House, Mary Sadler, formerly of Huntington. Long suffered from mental derangement

Same day, David Bricker, s/Leonard Bricker of Straban, 3-4 months

On 14th, Mrs. Isabel Neely, consort of Thomas W. Neely of Huntington county, formerly of this county

Feb 16, 1830 Yesterday, Peter Stallsmith of Gettysburg, 44
Mar 2, 1830

On 20th, John Whiteman of Franklin, 64

Thursday last at home of John Wilson in Mountjoy, William Marion.

Mar 9, 1830 On 24th, Henry Althoff of Germany twp., 80
Mar 16, 1830 On 7th, Mrs. Elizabeth Allewelt, relict/Barnhard Allewelt, late of this county, 73
Mar 23, 1830

Tuesday last, Mary Work d/William Work, deceased, Cumberland, 24

Wednesday last, Michael Miller of Gettysburg, 34

Tuesday last, Andrew Little s/Andrew Little, Gettysburg, 14-15 months

Thursday last, Catharine, d/John Gilbert, Gettysburg, 8-9 months

March 30, 1830

Wednesday last, Magdalena M'Clellan, w/William M'Clellan Sr., Cumberland

Friday last, Mrs. M'Cullough, relict of Samuel M'Cullough, Hamiltonban

Monday last, Leonard Dill, Gettysburg, 71

Sunday last, at Poorhouse, George Diffendal, recently of Gettysburg

April 6, 1830

Tuesday last at residence of his father in Hamiltonban, David Pfoutz Jr., 24

Thursday last, Mrs. Sarah Forry, w/Henry Forry, Gettysburg, 36

April 13, 1830 Saturday last, Frederick Eichholtz, Menallen
April 20, 1830

Thursday last, infant child of David M'Elroy of this borough

Sunday last, Elizabeth Giffen, Gettysburg, 79

On 9th in Berlin, Jefferson Stevens, 27. Interred on 11th at White Church (formerly Yellow Church)

April 27, 1830

At Littlestown on 23rd, Anna Swope d/Ephraim Swope, 6

On 7th, Mrs. Catharine Mickly, relict/Martin Mickly, Franklin, 81

May 4, 1830

Thursday last, Walter A. Smith, s/Walter Smith, Gettysburg, 19y 2m

At Littlestown beginning of last week, a son of Ephraim Swope, 6 months, died of measles as had sister last week

On 14th, Abraham Coppersmith of Westminster, MD, formerly of this place, 52 – run over by his wagon

At Poorhouse on 24th, Mathew Lidy, 96

May 11, 1830

On 30th in Mountjoy, Samuel Rohrbaugh, 22

On 1st near Littlestown, Mrs. Smith of Frederick county, MD, 76

May 18, 1830

On 11th at Loudon, Franklin county, David Wert, late of this borough, 23

Same day, Martha Clara, d/John L. Fuller, Gettysburg, 11 months

Tuesday last, Elizabeth d/Jacob and Mary Crowl, 9y 2m 2d, of inflammation of the brain

June 1, 1830

On 16th, Mrs. Susannah Winrott, w/Jacob Winrott of Germany twp., 30

On 19th, David Fink of Littlestown, 29

Some time since at Shellsburg, Bedford county, Benjamin Hersh, formerly of this neighborhood

June 8, 1830 On 29th, Rex Dean, Hamiltonban, 86
June 15, 1830

On 31st, Peter Strasbaugh, Hamiltonban, 82

Thursday last, Henry, s/Jacob Comfort, Gettysburg, 1 month

June 22, 1830

On 15th at Petersburg, Isaac Sadler, 50

On 8th, Alexander eldest s/James Cunningham, Liberty

June 29, 1830

On 17th, Jonathan Crist, Oxford, 43

On 21st, David Demaree, Straban, 79

Saturday last, Mary Magdalene, d/Cornelius Degroff late of this borough, deceased, 15 months

July 6, 1830

Tuesday last, Adam Walter, Menallen, 79

Wednesday last, Samuel Fahnestock Sr. Of Berlin, 67

Tuesday last near Littlestown, John Winrott, 51

In beginning of June near Dayton, Montgomery county, OH, David Werner, formerly of this county, 35

July 20, 1830 On 11th, Elizabeth, d/John Hall, Menallen, 4
July 27, 1830  On 18th, Mrs. Isabella Barr, relict of James Barr, Mountjoy, 75
Aug 3, 1830

Friday last, infant s/John G. Long, Gettysburg

At Berlin on 18th, Dr. Joseph Bergleit, formerly of Lebanon county, recently of this town

On 24th, John Shriver of M'Sherrystown, 79

On 26th, Frederick Shultz of Hanover, 82

Aug 10, 1830

Wednesday last, Mrs. Juliana Slothower, w/George Slothower, Menallen, 22

On 28th, Peter Spangler Jr., Huntington, 32

Wednesday last, George Washington, s/J. G. Long, Gettysburg, 2

Saturday last, George, s/Henry Degroff, Gettysburg, 1

Thursday last near Carlisle, William Crawford, s/Geo. Heagy, 6

On 29th near Abbottstown, Elizabeth Zipling, 19

On 24th in Lexington, KY, James Walker, Dentist, formerly of this county

Aug 17, 1830

Sunday last, Mary Catharine, d/Rev. Samuel S. Schmucker, Gettysburg, about 14 months

Wednesday last, Catharine, d/Charles Shirkey, Gettysburg, 2

On 1st, Mrs. Elizabeth Friday, w/Christian Friday, Berwick

On 4th, Rachel Wagerman, w/Frederick Wagerman, Berwick

On 4th at his residence near Mount Rock, Cumberland county, Capt. John Nickell, 34, formerly of this county

Aug 24, 1830

Monday last, Thomas White, s/James White Sr., Liberty, 23

Thursday last, Jacob Stoner of Frederick co., MD

Aug 31, 1830

Saturday last, Hannah Hoke, relict/Henry Hoke, Gettysburg, 71y 16d

On 16th, Mrs. Ana Kuhns, relict/Philip Kuhns, Franklin

On 18th, David Fleck Sr., of Franklin, 65

Wednesday last, Mrs. Catharine Slaybaugh, w/George Slaybaugh, Sr. Of Menallen, 65

On 23rd, Robert, youngest s/Robert Taylor, Gettysburg, 10 months

On 20th, John Orr, Hamiltonban, 79

Sep 7, 1830

Sunday last, infant s/Samuel S. M'Creary, Gettysburg

On 25th, Nicholas Kreighten of M'Sherrystown, 67

Sep 14, 1830

Thursday last at advanced age, Mrs. Smith, w/Gottlieb Smith, Cumberland

Same day, infant s/Samuel Kitzmiller, Gettysburg, 9 months

Sep 21, 1830

Friday last, Mary Jane, d/Peter Weikert, Gettysburg, 10 months

On 13th Mrs. Mary Eichelberger, consort of Adam Eichelberger of Germany twp., 44

On 10th, Mrs. Samuel Reiff, w/Christian Reiff of Conowago, 24

On 25th, Mrs. Martha King, w/Col. John King of Baltimore county, MD, formerly of Hunterstown, 49

Sep 28, 1830

Saturday last, William C., s/Michael C. Clarkson, Gettysburg, 9-10 months

Saturday last, Mrs. Anna Gertraut Chritzman, consort/Christia Chritzman, Gettysburg, 67

Friday last, Catharine d/Nicholas Eckenrode, Cumberland, 11m 10d

On 15th, Mrs. Hannah S. F. Dickson, relict/James Dickson, Straban, 57

Oct 5, 1830 On 25th, Mrs. Grier w/Rev. Robert S. Grier, Liberty
Oct 12, 1830

Thursday last at residence of John Blocher in Cumberland, Elizabeth Arnold (amended to be Anna Maria Arnold in issue of Oct 19)

Friday last, Mrs. Susannah Middlecoff w/David Middlecoff, Franklin, 24

Oct 19, 1830 Sunday last, Jacob Henry s/David C. Kitzmiller, Gettysburg, 5 weeks
Oct 26, 1830

Sunday last Mrs. Esther Barclay, w/Andrew Barclay, Gettysburg, 27

Same day, infant child/John Barrett, Mountjoy

On 7th, Mrs. Elizabeth Monfort, consort/Peter Monfort, Mountpleasant, 35y 11m 1d

In Cumberland county on 2nd, Jacob Ferree Jr., 49y 4m, s/Jacob Ferree Sr. Of this county

Nov 9, 1830 On 31st Isaac Armstrong Sr., Cumberland, 77
Nov 28, 1830 At Poor House on 15th, Levi Swigert, formerly of Berlin
Nov 30, 1830 On 18th, an infant child/William H. Lott, Mountpleasant, 2 months
Dec 7, 1830

On 28th, Mrs. Sarah Wierman of Huntington, relict/Benjamin Wierman, deceased, 71

Saturday last, Samuel Minah Reed of Cumberland

At his residence in Dark county, OH on 6th, William Stewart, formerly of this county, 48

Dec 21, 1830 On 5th, Daniel Boyle, Post Master at Taneytown MD, 66
Dec 28, 1830

On 12th, Mrs. Catharine Myers w/Bernard Myers of New Chester, Straban, 25

On 15th Nancy Wither of Heidelburg, 21

At Poor House on 9th, Andrew Carson, of hernia.

On 10th, Mrs. Elizabeth Troyer, w/Sabastian Troyer of consumption.

On 11th Henry Bringman of old age and palsy.

On 25th, John Loughead of dropsy.

On 19th at his residence in Mifflin twp. William Denning, 100. Came to this county in 1775 from NJ

Jan 4, 1831 On 26th, Thomas Larimer of Mountjoy
Jan 11, 1831

At residence of Dr. James in Delaware county, PA on 30 Dec last on his return from Philadelphia, Samuel Washington, 23, s/Jonathan Neely of this county

On 2nd at Greencastle, Franklin county, Mrs. Rebecca Cooper, w/Sample C. Cooper, formerly of this place

On 29th, James M'Creary s/William Gardner (merchant) of Petersburg, 4-5 years

Jan 25, 1831

On 12th, Lavinia Maria d/James Barr, Mountjoy, 7 months

Yesterday, William Kerr Sr., Straban

Sunday last, Mrs. Elizabeth Lott w/Abraham Lott of Straban

Feb 1, 1831 Friday last at advanced age, Jacob Sharrer of Cumberland
Feb 8, 1831

On 28th, Mrs. Sophia Catharine Kohlhouse, relict/Conrad Kohlhouse of Germany twp., 68

Saturday last, Mrs. Lantzinger, w/John Lantzinger, Mountpleasant

On 19th in Oxford, Susannah M. J. Bixler, d/Jacob Bixler, deceased, 3

At Poor House on 27th, John Davis, carpenter, formerly of York Springs

On 31st at Liberty, William Craig

Feb 15, 1831

Thursday last, David Blythe Sr., Hamiltonban, 94

Wednesday last, Jacob Gilbert Sr. Of Menallen, 75

On 15th, Jacob Dottery of Menallen, 39

Sunday last, Margaret, d/John Sheet Jr. of this borough, 7 months

Feb 22, 1831

In Emmttsburg on 26th, Mrs. Eliza Waters, consort/Henry G. Waters, 36

Tuesday last, James Conaghan, s/Dennis Conaghan of Conowago

Mar 1, 1831

On 19th, Mrs. Eliza Cogley, consort/Joseph M. Cogley of Lewistown, Mifflin county, formerly of this borough

Same day, Maria Bosserman, d/Jacob Bosserman, formerly of this county, of Baltimore co., MD, 16

Friday last, infant s/Andrew Little of this borough

Mar 8, 1831 On 27th, Jacob Fidler if Tyrone, 75
Mar 15, 1831

On 2nd, John Hildebrand of Reading twp., 46

On 3rd, Mrs. Anna C. Kitzmiller, relict/J. G. Kitzmiller, deceased, of Conowago, 85

On 2nd, Amos, s/Andrew Kuhns of Germany twp., 4

Saturday last, Joseph M'Cullough of Cumberland

Near York Springs on 28 Feb, John Fickes, 85

Mar 22, 1831

On 10th, Mrs. Elizabeth Stover, w/Michael Stover, Franklin, 28

Friday last, William Alter Hartman, s/John Hartman of Franklin, 3

On 10th, George Geiselman of this county, 85

On 13th in Conowago, Charles Hughs at advanced age

On 19th in Mountjoy, G. Henry Little, 79

On 20th, Casper Hentzel, Cumberland, 70

Apr 5, 1831

On 30th, Mrs. Sarah Wilson w/George Wilson of Menallen, 56

On 25th, Mrs. Margaret Mickly w/Peter Mickly Jr. of Franklin, 38

On 27th in Germany twp. John Yegerlener, 44

On 24th, Lydia Ann d/Samuel Kitzmiller, Germany twp., 10

Same day, Henry, s/Conrad Parr of Conowago

On 26th, Hannah d/George Rauzahn, 16 months

On 21st near Abbottstown, Ann Henry, relict/Conrad Henry, 101

On 26th in NY, Rev. F. C. Schaeffer, 39

Apr 12, 1831

Thursday last, John Gilliland of Tyrone, 53

On 6 March in Menallen, Mrs. Barbara Guise, w/Adam Guise, 83

On 30th, Mrs. Rahauser, w/Rev. Frederick Rahauser of Chambersburg

Apr 19, 1831

Yesterday, Mrs. Mary McDarmand of this borough, 87

In this borough on Tuesday last, Mrs. Mary Wilson, 66, widow of John Wilson of Mountjoy

On 6th, Christian Frederick Baugher of Abbottstown, 77

Apr 26, 1831 Tuesday last, John Sheet Sr. Of this borough, 55
May 3, 1831 Tuesday last, a d/Andrew Barclay of this borough, 2
May 10, 1831

On 2nd, Mrs. Nancy Gilbert, w/John Gilbert, of this borough, 24

Same day, John B. Epley, s/Peter Epley , Cumberland, 21

Recently at an advanced age, Hugh Bigham, Hamiltonban

On 6th in Menallen, Ellen Ling-en-ore of the Delaware Nation of Indians, 75

May 17, 1831 On 1st, Hugh Patterson, Liberty, 68
May 24, 1831

Sunday last, Adam Tawney Sr., Mountjoy

On 13th, Mrs. Jane Wilson w/Robert Wilson, Hamiltonban

Wednesday last, Mrs. Catharine Spitler w/Adam Spitler of Mountpleasant

Thursday last, Mrs. Elizabeth Bowers w/John Bowers, Hamiltonban

On 10th in Petersburg, William Franklin s/David Kohlstock, 5

On 13th, Charles Beitman, 21

On 16th, Susannah, d/John Sheely, 2

Wednesday last, David Beyers, Hamiltonban, 65-70

On 29 April in Baltimore county, MD, Rebecca, d/Jacob Bosserman, 7

Tuesday last, Jacob Bosserman, 38, formerly of this county

May 31, 1831

Thursday last, John David Melhorn of M'Sherrystown, 70

On 18th, John Pedon, Liberty, 60

Jun 7, 1831

On 30th, William James Sweney, s/John Sweney, this borough, 22 months

Same day, Henry Walter, Franklin, 87

Thursday last near this borough, William Miller, 77

Jun 14, 1831

Monday last, Mrs. Catharine Ferguson, mother-in-law of Editor of this paper, 63

On 12th , (changed to 5th in Jun 21 issue) Bernhart, s/David Beecher, Franklin, 7

Same day, (changed to 5th in Jun 21 issue) Hezekiah, s/Daniel Geiselman, 4

On 3rd in Baltimore, John Turner Evans, s/Jeremiah Evans, 26

On 31st, Mrs. Isabella Shannon, Mountjoy, 74

Sunday last, Alexander Horner Sr., Cumberland

Jun 21, 1831 On 1st at Cambridge, OH, John s/John Hersh Jr., formerly of this place, 4m 12d
Jun 28, 1831 Thursday last, Rebecca d/Henry Eckert, Straban, 15 months
Jul 5, 1831 On 27th, Mrs. M'Ilvain of Mountpleasant, relict/Andrew M'Ilvain (miller) age upwards of 80
Jul 12, 1831

On 26th in Berwick, Edward Smith, 74

On 7th at his residence near Gettysburg, William Gilliland, 79

Jul 19, 1831

On 17th, Miss Mary Lackey, this borough, 67

On 11th, Joseph Dietrich, Mountpleasant, 69

Jul 26, 1831 On 18th, Mrs. Catharine Shriver w/Jacob Shriver, Menallen, 46
Aug 2, 1831 Wednesday last in this borough, William M'Clellan Sr., formerly Sheriff of York county before Adams was divided off, 69
Aug 9, 1831

Thursday last, Solomon Wagoner s/Peter Wagoner of Franklin

On 30th, infant child/James Heagy, Mountpleasant

On 1st, child/Peter Epley Jr., Cumberland, 6-7 months

On 1st in Franklin county, William Thompson, brother/James A. Thompson of this borough, 44

Aug 16, 1831 On 5th, Mrs. Catharine Hahn of Germany twp., 55
Aug 23, 1831

On 1st, Mrs. Mary Abbott w/Thomas Abbott, 75

On 18th in neighborhood of M'Sherrystown, Anthony Obold, 74

Yesterday, a d/S. S. Caldwell, Mountpleasant, 6 weeks

Aug 30, 1831

Saturday last, John Wesley, s/Henry Dill of this borough, 5 months

On 7th, Mrs. Martha Everitt, Latimore, 93

Sep 6, 1831

Wednesday last, Mrs. Butler, w/Rev. William Butler of this borough

In Millerstown on Friday last, John Reid, 86 (see obit next week)

On 27th, James Henry Hoover, s/Samuel Hoover of New Lisbon, OH, formerly of this town, 10y 7m 9d

Sep 13, 1831

Saturday last at advanced age, James Rowan of Cumberland

Saturday last, infant d/David Garvin of this borough

(see notice last week) John Reid born Chester co., PA 1746. Came with father to this county 1751. Took up arms with 6 brothers in 1776 and 1777. Moved with family near Huntington in 1784 (then Bedford county) and remained 4 years. Moved in 1788 near this place. Was Magistrate from 1807-08 until 1822

Sep 20, 1831

Tuesday last, David Garvin of this borough, 34

Thursday last, Mrs. Elizabeth Fehl, relict/Valentine Fehl, Menallen, 80

On 12th, Christopher Slagle, 85

Sep 27, 1831

Wednesday last, Mrs. Susannah Elizabeth Kitzmiller, w/David C. Kitzmiller of this town, 26

On 13th, John Redis, s/John Redis of Germany twp., 17

On 7th in Springfield, Cumberland county, Margaret L. Sibbett

Oct 4, 1831

Tuesday last, Mrs. Schlosser w/Peter Schlosser, Menallen, 61

On 29th in Mountpleasant, Mrs. Eliza Weikert, consort/Henry Weikert. Interred at St. John's Church. Left husband and two children. Drowned in spring near her home

Oct 18, 1831

On 9th, Mrs. Jane G. Fuller consort/John L. Fuller of Gettysburg, 24

On 25th, Mrs. Mary Peterman, w/Michael Peterman, Germany twp., 63

On 3rd, David s/Joseph Harman, Abbottstown, 21 months

Oct 25, 1831

Short time since, Andrew Giffin of this borough

On 15th, Elias Merkle s/Mathias Merkle of Oxford, 17

In Littlestown on 15th, Dr. Ephraim Davis, interred in Catholic burying ground

Nov 1, 1831

On 23rd, Peter Slaybaugh Sr., Menallen, 65

On 2nd, Nicholas Miller, Tyrone, 69

On 18th, Frederick Palmer of Germany, 81

On 17th, James M'Ilheny Sr., Mountjoy, 85

On 11th in Newton twp., Cumberland county, Mrs. Maria Piper, w/John Piper and d/Nathaniel Randolph of this county

Nov 15, 1831

Thursday last, Mrs. Elizabeth Allen, this borough, 50

On 4th, Mrs. Mary Little consort/Henry Little of Littlestown, 59

Same day, Margaret d/John Ungerer of Germany twp., 10 (head smashed by rolling of log her father put on saw mill)

Nov 22, 1831

On 15th, Jonathan Neely of Tyrone, 73

On 8th, Mrs. Barbara Miller, Mountpleasant, 88

Same day, Robert Elliott of Huntington, 26

On 1st, Levina Florado d/Garret Cownover, Mountpleasant, 11 months

In York on 11th, Rev. George Geistweit, 70

At Huntington, PA on Tuesday last, Moses McClean, attorney, brother of Judge McClean of this borough

Nov 29, 1831

On 18th, John Lucius, infant s/John L. Fuller of this borough, 3 _ months

On 14th Mrs. Sarah Munfort, Straban, 64

Dec 6, 1831

On 27th, James Carson, s/Thomas Carson, deceased, Mountjoy, 20

On 28th, Nancy Smith d/Walter Smith, this borough, 22

Dec 13, 1831

Wednesday last, Mrs. Catharine Elizabeth Hoke widow/Conrad Hoke, Cumberland, 82

On 4th, Andrew Topper of Germany twp., 84

On 24th, John Jacob Acker, 67

At house of John Marshall Sr., Berwick, on 30th, Joseph Wamps, 92

Short time since, Thomas Godfrey of York county, formerly of this county

Dec 20, 1831

Wednesday last, Michael Strehly, s/John Strehly, 12

On 13th in Paradise twp., York county, Rev. Frederick William Vandersloot Sr., 60

In Littlestown on 8th, Susannah Matilda Brown, d/Rev. William Brown, 3. Interred in burying ground at Bishop's Church

Dec 27, 1831 Tuesday last, a d/William Smith, this borough, 17 months
Jan 3, 1832

On Tuesday last, Daniel G. Bansemer of this borough, 50. Native of Dantzick in Prussia, arriving Philadelphia 15 months since and in this place since Dec, 1830. Left widow and 9 children.

On 25th, Mrs. Hughes, w/John Hughes of Cumberland

On 15th, William, s/Michael Degroff of this borough, 6 months

Jan 10, 1832

On 27th, Mark Wortz, Conowago, 86

On 29th in vicinity of Abbottstown, Mrs. Catharine Shaeffer, 74

Jan 17, 1832

In Littlestown on 9th, Philip Bishop Sr., 70. On Wednesday, his remains were interred in burying ground of his own church attended by Rev. Wm. Brown

On 9th, Mrs. Catharine Keefhaber, w/Conrad Keefhaber, Cumberland, 59

Thursday last, Elizabeth Lockert, Mountpleasant

Same day, Philip Thomas, Straban, 84

On 5th in Erie, PA, Mrs. Sarah B. Beaty, 22, w/Wm. Beaty, d/James M'Conkey formerly of this borough

On 20th, Mrs. Margaret Bushey, widow/Nicholas Bushey of Reading twp., 90

On 31st, Mrs. Marshall, w/Francis Marshall of Berwick, at advanced age

Jan 24, 1832

Saturday last at Mr. Hughs' Iron Works in Franklin county, Alexander Cobean Jr. s/Alexander Cobean, formerly of this borough, 30

Saturday last, William Slaybaugh, Menallen, 63

On 13th, Mrs. Naomi Mortin, Menallen, 68

Same day, Mrs. Louisa Stehly, 79

Jan 31, 1832

On 14th, Jacob Harper, Liberty, at advanced age

Sunday last, Cornelius Lott Sr., Mountpleasant, 70

Saturday last, Mrs. Hannah Durborrow, w/Samuel Durborrow, Mountjoy

Feb 7, 1832

Tuesday last, Cornelius Davis Adair, s/John Adair, Liberty

At his res. Near Emmittsburg on 24th, William Greason Sr., 65

Saturday last, Elizabeth Barbara d/John Bower, Liberty, 11 months

Feb 14, 1832

On 3rd, Thomas White of Hamiltonban, 49

On 29th, Richard McAlister s/Robert Black Jr., Mountjoy, 2y 6m

Feb 21, 1832

Thursday last at res. Of her son, Wm. W. Paxton in this borough, Mrs. Sarah Paxton relict/John Paxton, formerly of Hamiltonban, 60

On 11th, Mrs. Mary Mouse, widow/George Mouse, Frederick co., MD, 76

On 1st, Mrs. Jane Witherow, w/John Witherow of Frederick co., MD, 44

Mar 6, 1832

Thursday last, Adam Livingston s/Adam Livingston of this borough

In Oxford on 27th, Catharine Elizabeth d/Henry Gutelius, 11 months

Mar 13, 1832 Sunday last in this borough, James D. Sweney, s/James Sweney, deceased, formerly of Cumberland
Mar 20, 1832

Wednesday last, William McGaughy Sr., Cumberland, upwards of 70

Wednesday last, Mrs. Kempfer of Straban, upwards of 60

Mar 27, 1832

Friday last, Andrew Bricker s/Leonard Bricker, Straban, 14

Saturday last in this town, Michael Keepers formerly of Frederick, MD at advanced age

On 16th, Solomon Stonsifer of Littlestown, 38

Apr 3, 1832

On 25th, Mrs. Eichholtz, widow/Frederick Eichholtz, Menallen, 86

(first portion cut off) nah Horner, w/Robert Horner of this borough, 25

Apr 10, 1832

On 20th, Jacob Miller, Hamilton, 80

On 1st in Abbottstown, George Henry, 63

Apr 17, 1832

On 2nd, John Leopold Rogers, of this borough, 36

On 9th, Jane Sloan, d/Dr. Jesse Gilbert, of this borough, 3-4 months

Sunday last, David Moose of Straban at advanced age

Apr 24, 1832

On 9th in Littlestown, Philip Leopold Long, 86

Same day, Alexander Caldwell of Frederick county, MD, upwards of 60

May 1, 1832 On 21st, Mrs. Jane Christ, w/Lewis Christ of Petersburg
May 8, 1832

On 7 April in Butler county, OH, Peter Williamson, 62, formerly of this county

On 25th, Leah Fauss, 19, Latimore

May 15, 1832 In Littlestown on 3rd, Maria Renshaw d/James Renshaw, 4-5 months
May 22, 1832

On 12th, George C. Bowman of Menallen, 30

Thursday last, Mrs. Leah Scholly w/Christian Scholly, Liberty, 79

Sunday last, Anna Mary Gilbert, d/George Gilbert of this borough, 5

Same day at residence of his son in Mountjoy, John Cownover at advanced age

Thursday last in Straban, John Kline, 45

May 29, 1832 Wednesday last in Littlestown, Harriet Shorb Davis, d/Dr. Ephraim Davis, deceased, 6
Jun 5, 1832

On 4th in Cumberland, Charles Ziegler, late of this borough, 32

Thursday last, Mrs. Magdalena Sample, widow/Jacob Sample, Mountjoy, 65

Friday last, Robert Rowan, Mountjoy

On 18th, John Tempion, Berwick, at advanced age

Jun 12, 1832 Sunday last, a d/George Cordorey, this borough, 8 months
Jun 19, 1832 On 24th, Elizabeth Miller, d/Joseph Miller, Mountjoy, 21
Jun 26, 1832 Sunday last, John, s/David Ecker, this borough, 6 weeks
Jul 3, 1832 On 23rd, Mrs. Mary O'Blenis, 88
Jul 10, 1832

On 2nd, Mary Ann Gowen, d/Daniel Gowen of this borough, late of Strasburg, Lancaster county, PA, 25

Tuesday last, Mrs. Mary D. Mahon, w/John D. Mahon of Carlisle and d/Hon. Thomas Duncan, deceased, 32

At Butler, PA on 30th, Mary Ann Cecelia, d/David A. Agnew, formerly of this borough, 7 months

Jul 31, 1832

Saturday last, Miss Adair, d/John Adair of Liberty, 16

On 3rd of scarlet fever in Perry county, OH, William B. S/Andrew Walker, formerly of this county, 8

Aug 7, 1832

Thursday last, William McPherson of this borough, 75

On 30th at res. Of Samuel Hutcheson in this borough, John L. McClean, 40

Tuesday last, a d/Henry Bushman of this town, 5 weeks

Tuesday last, Mrs. Mary Trostle, w/John Trostle, Mountjoy, 42

Thursday last, Samuel Cobean Sr. Of Cumberland

Thursday last at res. Of John Kelly in Cumberland, David Bender, Mountjoy, 18 or 20. Was subject to fits and fell out of bed dead

On 16 June, Mrs. Esther Hoover, w/Martin Hoover of Franklin, 38

On 23rd, Mrs. Mary Fehl, w/Valentine Fehl Jr. of Menallen, 21

Aug 14, 1832

On 4th, a d/Alexander Curran, Cumberland, 14 months

On 3rd, Solomon Tate, Mountpleasant, 49

Friday last, infant s/Henry Culp of this borough

On 31st, Mary Snyder d/Henry Snyder, 31

On 1st, Andrew Schmieg of M'Sherrystown, 61

On 19 June, Lewis Miller of Mountpleasant, 50

Aug 21, 1832

On 9th, Robert McIlhenny Sr. Of Straban, 73

In this borough on Tuesday last, Paul Koch, an emigrating German, 65

Thursday last, Harrison Himmon, grandson/Daniel Mickley of Franklin, 1-2 years

Same day, Daniel, s/John Moretz of Franklin, 10 months

Aug 28, 1832

Tuesday last, Mary Mark d/Daniel Mark deceased, Mountjoy, 24

Same day at Tavern of Jacob Raffensberger, 3 miles from this place on Baltimore turnpike, John Smith of Columbiana, Columbiana county, OH, 26. Cholera

Tuesday last, Addison Long, s/John Long, this borough, 7 months

Sep 4, 1832

Tuesday last, Adeline Louisa d/Andrew Sandle of this borough, 13 months

Friday last, Mrs. Jane Gilbert, w/Dr. Jesse Gilbert, this borough, 28

On 21st, Catharine Fallough, relict/John Fallough, Mountpleasant, 50

On 9th, a son/Jacob Will, Mountpleasant, 10

On 10th, Agnes, d/Peter Smith, Mountpleasant, 8

Five weeks since, a s/Joseph Weaver, Mountpleasant, 17

Sep 11, 1832

Sunday last, Samuel Shower of this borough, 67

On 20th in Mobile, Alabama, Ebenezer Workman, formerly of M'Sherrystown, 23, for 3 years a citizen of that place

On 31st, Charles Smith, Mountpleasant, 85

Sep 18, 1832

Wednesday last, Sarah Armor, d/George Armor of this borough, 4

Sunday last, Mrs. Martha Hall of Berlin, widow/Edward Hall, 78

On 4 Aug at his residence in Robinson twp., Washington county, PA, William Baily, 82. Native of Ireland, resided in Adams county until 1780 when he emigrated to that county

Sep 25, 1832

Wednesday last, John Mare Sr., Franklin, 47

Friday last, Jane Ewing of this borough, d/widow Ewing

Same day, a son/John Tate of Straban, 1-2 years

On 9th at house of Charles Donaldson in Liberty, Eliza Linn d/Wm. Linn, Mountjoy, 17

On 12th, from tetanus, David Krise, s/Abraham Krise Sr. of Liberty

Same day at Mercersburg, Franklin county, Margaret, only child/Dr. Alexander Speer, formerly of this borough, 4

Wednesday last in Philadelphia, Jacob Holgate, 63

Oct 2, 1832

On 20th, Mrs. Andrew Houck of Heidelsburg, widow/John Houck, 63

On 18th in Frederick, Joseph Worly, innkeeper, formerly of this town

On 25 August at his residence in Madison, IN, James McKee (Saddler) formerly of this place, 34, left wife and 2 children

Thursday last in Hunterstown, Samuel Dickson, printer, lately of this borough, s/James Dickson deceased

Oct 9, 1832

On 1st, Mrs. Cunningham of Liberty, about 88

Near Littlestown on 27th, Peter Shilt, 54

Oct 16, 1832 Wednesday last, Mrs. Henrietta Koehler wife/Frederick William Koehler, editor of Gettysburg "Intelligencer" of this borough
Oct 30, 1832

In Littlestown on 16th, Henry Winrott, s/John Winrott deceased, 23

Same town on 21st, Mrs. Catharine Winrott, mother of above deceased, 61

Same day near Abbottstown, John Gussler, 84

In Hagerstown of cholera, John M'Ilhenny, formerly of this county and Thomas Kennedy, Editor of the Mail

Nov 6, 1832

On 5 November, Rev. William Runkel of this borough, 84, preacher in German Reformed Church for about 50 years

Thursday last, George Horn Sr. Of Straban

Same day, Nicholas Jacoby Sr. Of Mountjoy

Nov 13, 1832

In Shrewsbury, York county on 31st, Rev. John Herbst, 75, preacher in Lutheran Church for 40 years

On 30th in Littlestown, Francis Alexander, s/Ludwick Study, 6

On 31st, Amos Daniel, s/Jacob Hossler, Huntington, 2m 6d

Nov 20, 1832

On 12th, Wilson, s/Gen. Thomas C. Miller of this borough, 4

Same day, Jacob Reever Sr. Of Straban

Wednesday last, a d/Frederick Wagoner of Straban, 10 months

On 7th in Littlestown, Mary Catharine, d/Ludwick Study, 14 months

Sunday last, Mrs. Sarah Toot d/Henry Toot of Cumberland

On 15th, Michael King of Berlin, 73

Nov 27, 1832

On 15th, Robert Watson s/William Young of Mountjoy, 5m 24d

On 21st, Mrs. Catharine Deardorff, w/Daniel Deardorff, Franklin, 64

On 18th, John s/Henry Goff, 4

Dec 4, 1832

Of croup on 24th, Isaac, 9 months; same day Elias, 3, both s/Henry Biesecker of Franklin

Thursday last, Charles Mansfield s/Maj. J. Sanders of this borough, 1y 9d

Dec 11, 1832

On 27th, William A., s/Wm. Wisotzky of this borough, 1y 10m

On 3rd, Jonas Orner, Franklin, 24

Tuesday last, Peter Comfort of Franklin

Friday last, Clementina, d/George Arnold of this borough, 6

Dec 25, 1832 On 13th in M'Sherrystown, Mrs. Margaret Shriver widow/John Shriver, 68
Jan 8, 1833 On 30th at Poor House, Moses Beales, formerly of Huntington, about 70
Jan 15, 1833

Saturday last, Margaret d/Moses Jenkins of Straban, 20 months

On 2nd, Jane Elizabeth, d/John Fehl of Menallen, 3

On 29th, infant c/Isaac Durborrow of Mountjoy

On 24th in Hampton, Ann Eliza d/Dr. Charles Blish, 1y 8m 12d

Jan 22, 1833

On 14th of a pulmonary affection, Patrick Owings, of Emmittsburg, MD

On 6th, Abraham Keagy, Conowago, 72

Tuesday last, Robert Young Jr. of Mountjoy, 17y 5m 6d

On 13th at Trindle Spring in Cumberland county, Solomon A. Friday s/Christian Friday of Berwick, 27

On 12th, Mrs. Agness Blair, 52

Tuesday last, Ann Maria d/Philip Flaner of Straban, 3

Jan 29, 1833

Sunday last, Samuel Witherow of Hamiltonban

Saturday last, Mrs. Margaret Reily w/William Reily of Liberty, late of this borough, 36

At Greenvillage on 15th, Mathew Duncan of Franklin county

Feb 5, 1833

Tuesday last, Christian Friday of Berwick at advanced age

On 20th, William, 7 and Martin, 4, both s/Alexander Harbaugh of Hamiltonban

Wednesday last, Herbert Smith Jr. of Cumberland, 22 or 23

On 21st, George Washington, s/Wm. Briggle of Cumberland, 6

Feb 12, 1833

On 1st, Peter Kump, 72

On 3rd in Littlestown, Mrs. Anna Magdalena Shriver, relict/Andrew Shriver, 81

On 25th near Meadsville, Crawford county, PA, Hannah Scott, formerly of this county, 65

On 27th in Cambridge, OH, David E. Only s/John Hersh Jr., 9 months

Feb 19, 1833 On 9th, Hannah Wolf, 6, d/Henry Wolf near Oxford
Feb 26, 1833 Wednesday last, Ann Eliza, d/John Jenkins of this borough, 2
Mar 5, 1833

Friday last, Margaret d/Samuel Patterson of Cumberland, 9

On 22nd, Mary Ann, d/Daniel Menges, 2

Same day, Joseph Deardorff, Post Master at Waynesborough, Franklin county, formerly of this county

On 22nd at his residence in Dickinson twp., Cumberland county, James Macfarland, formerly of this place

Mar 12, 1833

On 27th in Dicknson twp. Cumberland county, Mrs. Catharine Kemp, 95y 5m

On 3rd, Christina Wartz d/Henry Wartz of Straban, 18

Of a pulmonary complaint at his residence in Millerstown on 23rd, John McGinley, 25

On 21st, Samuel James, s/John Witherow of Millerstown, 3

On 28th in Littlestown, Mrs. Susannah Keefer w/William Keefer, 29

Mar 19, 1833

On 5th, Mrs. Carson, widow, of Menallen, 89

On 3rd at Williamsport, MD of paralysis, Roger Claxton, formerly of this place

In Abbottstown on 11th, Mrs. Mary Harman, w/Jacob Harman, 39

On 15th in Germany twp., Mrs. Mary Shorb, w/John Shorb, 43

On 27th in Piqua, OH, Christian Stouffer, recently of Hanover, 23

In Juanita county on 17 Feb., Mrs. Catharine Ziegler w/George Ziegler and d/Jacob Bushey, formerly of this county, 21

At David Chamberlain's, Franklin twp., on 4th, Mrs. Hannah Coshun, consort of late John Coshun, 59

On 10th in Liberty, Mary d/Michael Bosserman, deceased, 9y 2m 11d

Mar 26, 1833

On 13th, Mrs. Catharine Raffensberger of Franklin, 63

Wednesday last, Andrew Bushman of Cumberland, 63

In Hanover on 16th, Simon Kopenheffer, 76

On 17th in this borough, Joel Harman, 61, native of NY

Apr 2, 1833

On 11th, Louisa, d/Michael Herner, 6

On 25th, William, s/Jacob Bringman, 15

On 15th, Elizabeth, d/Wm. Ready of Franklin, 3

On 21st, Jacob Crowl, 45 of New Lisbon, OH, formerly of this county. Left widow and 4 children

Apr 9, 1833

Of scarlet fever on 28th, Mary Elizabeth, second d/John W. McAllister of Mountjoy, 3y 2m 6d

Friday last at residence of Charles M'Aleer in Cumberland, James McElroy

On 28th, Mrs. Smith, w/John Smith of Berwick

Tuesday last in this borough, Mrs. Margaret Jackson, relict/Hugh Jackson

On 27th near M'Sherrystown, Henrietta, d/Henry Mark, 11

Apr 16, 1833

On 8th, Mrs. Eliza Kain, w/John Kain of this borough

In Chambersburg on 7th, Sevilla Markline, 20

On 8th, Mrs. Hinsch, w/Rev. Lebrecht L. Hinsch of Menallen, 61

On 5th, Aaron, s/Caspar Wampler, near Abbottstown, 17 months

On 29th, Mrs. Margaret McCleary, consort/James McCleary of Liberty, 65

On 28th, Henry Settel of Franklin, 74

May 14, 1833

On 23rd, Jacob Latshaw of Menallen, 31

Friday last, Samuel Hoff of Straban, about 30

May 21, 1833

On 10th, Margaret Ewing, d/Mrs. Jane Ewing (widow) of this borough

On 1st, Christian David, s/Jacob Long Jr., Mountjoy, 4

Thursday last, George Thoman of Mountpleasant, 31

On 6th, Levi Harman s/Jeremiah Harman of Abbottstown, 11

On 8th, Ann d/Samuel Patterson of Cumberland, 11

On 7th, Mrs. Sarah Neely, widow/Jonathan Neely, deceased, 71

May 28, 1833

On 14th, Mrs. Catharine Eckert, widow/John Eckert of this county, 67

On 19th near Littlestown, Jesse Stoehr, s/Jacob Stoehr, deceased, 11

Sunday last at Poor House, Manasses Lafferty (old Manas)

On 7th, Mrs. Elizabeth Boyer, w/Isaac Boyer of Mummasburg, injured by a horse

Jun 4, 1833

Thursday last, Elizabeth, d/Dr. David Gilbert of this borough, 22 months

Saturday last, Mrs. Sarah Heagy, w/George Heagy of Franklin, 40

Jun 11, 1833

On 15th in Frederick county, MD, Mrs. Susanna Bankard, consort/Jacob Bankard, formerly of this county, 52

Sunday last, Catharine, d/Peter Culp Jr. of Straban

Thursday last, George Hemler, s/Henry Hemler of Mountjoy

On 5th, Isaac Latshaw of Reading, 70, left wife and numerous children

Jun 18, 1833 On 9th, Joseph Kroechten, s/Anthony Kroechten of M'Sherrystown, 43. Injured while falling trees, but lived nearly 3 weeks afterwards
Jun 25, 1833

Wednesday last, John Bailey of Cumberland, 69

Same day, Alexander, s/John Cobean of Franklin, 14

On 12th, Justus Henry Fernauer of Germany twp., 87

Jul 2, 1833

Wednesday last, William Henry Moose, s/Henry Moose of Mountjoy, 14

Friday last, William Cobean, s/John Cobean of Franklin, 19

Jul 9, 1833

At York, PA on 26th, John Desha, blacksmith, formerly of this borough, 49

In Millerstown on 25 June, Andrew Edgar s/Dr. Thompson of that place, 3

On 28th in Littlestown, John Jacob Winrott, 68

On 30th near Littlestown, Mrs. Susannah Catharine Sherman, widow/Jacob Sherman, 44

Tuesday last in York, Abraham Danner, 81

The Star and Republican Banner, published in Gettysburg, PA on Tuesdays
Jul 16, 1833 On Wednesday last, Joseph Warren s/John L. Gillalen, 2
Jul 23, 1833

On 7th at Blairsville, IN county, Mrs. Eliza Johnston, w/Thomas Johnston and d/Rev. William Paxton of this county, 34

On 6th in Cambridge, OH, Cassandra, 6; and on 7th, Martha Ann, 4, daughters of John Hersh, Jr., formerly of this town

On 9th, Christian Zellar of Berlin, 64

On 6th in Hanover, Geo. Ebert. 55

At Athens, TN on 8th, Mrs. Hannah Gettys, w/James Gettys, formerly of this place and d/John Dickson of Straban

Jul 30, 1833

On 1st, James Davidson, s/Henry B. Denwiddie of Mountjoy, 9m 15d

On 10th near Boughtown, Rosanna Caroline d/Henry Johns, 18 months

On 27th, Mary Catharine Francisna d/Andrew Barkley of this borough, 1y 3m 10d

Near Emmittsburg on 27th, Elizabeth Owings d/late P. Owings, 20

Aug 6, 1833

On 20th, Edward, s/Joseph Harman of Abbottstown, 9 months

On 8th, Mrs. Shoenfelter, w/Peter Shoenfelter Jr. of Conowago

On 2nd, Eli Beecher of Cumberland, 14

On 27th, Mrs. Elizabeth Null of Abbottstown, 77

Saturday last, a d/Michael DeGrofft of this borough

Tuesday last, Mrs. Mary Harlen, w/Samuel Harlen of Menallen

Aug 13, 1833

Thursday last, John Kempher of Straban, 43, leaving wife and 8 children

Thursday last, Mrs. Mary Carson of this borough, relict/Thos. Carson

Aug 20, 1833

Thursday last, Mrs. Hannah Hollinger, d/Christian Chritzman of this borough, 29

Friday last, Albert Anthony, infant s/John Porter of this borough

Sunday last, Samuel Nichodemus, s/Philip Weaver of this borough, 2m 2w 4d

Saturday last, Peter Stewart (black Peter) of this borough

On 13th, Naomi Wierman Sheffer, d/Dr. Daniel Sheffer of Petersburg, 17

Aug 27, 1833 On 23rd, Wilhelmus Houghtelin of this borough, 83
Sep 3, 1833

On 25th at is residence in Mountpleasant, Cap. John McIlvain, 92

Of cholera on 17th, Joshua Bercaw of Monroe county, OH, formerly of this county

Friday last, William Wesley s/William Simpson of this borough, late of Baltimore City, 18 months

Thursday last at residence of his uncle, Geo. Trostle of Cumberland, s/John Trostle of Hamilton, 19

On 21st, Andrew Winrott of this county, 45

Near Downingtown, PA, George V. Massey of NC, formerly of this county and son-in-law of James M'Kesson, 33

Sep 10, 1833

Friday last, Martha Ann, only d/Rev. Professor Baugher of this borough, 19 months

Sunday last, Mrs. Susanna Gminter, relict/Adam Gminter of Franklin, 63

Sep 17, 1833

Saturday last, Julia Ann Horner of this borough, youngest d/late Robert Horner, 19

Sunday last, Virginia King, infant d/Professor Schmucker of this borough, 10 months

On 9th, Howard E., youngest s/Simon Becker of Menallen, 2y 6m

On 27th, Mrs. Elizabeth Fox w/Peter Fox of Abbottstown, 45

On 1st in M'Sherrystown, Mrs. Margaret Kohler, widow/Henry Kohler, 70

Sep 24, 1833

Thursday last in this borough, Mrs. Sarah Edie, widow/late Gen. John Edie, 82

Tuesday night last, Caroline d/Adam Mowry of this town, 18m 6d

Oct 1, 1833

Thursday last, Samuel Alexander, youngest s/Gen. Thomas C. Miller of this borough, 14 months

On 17th in Fayetteville, Franklin county, William Ross Horner, s/Eli Ross Horner, 5

Oct 8, 1833

Friday last in Frederick county, Mrs. Harriett Wilson, d/Upton Norris of this county, 19

On 27 Aug last in Butler county, Mrs. Prudence Vanarsdallen, formerly of this borough, 44

At res. Of John Plank in Cumberland on Tuesday last, Susanna Myers, 12, death by accidental gunshot

Oct 29, 1833

On 21st, Sarah Robinson d/John Robinson of Hamiltonban, 25

Thursday last, Mrs. Sarah Will, widow/Andrew Will of Littlestown, 50

On 7th at his residence near this city, John White, 69

Saturday last, Mrs. Margaret Scott, w/Abraham Scott, Hamilton, 50

Nov 5, 1833

In Hampton on 3rd, Lemuel Shaw, s/Dr. C. Blish, 11w 6d

On 25th, Jacob Myers, merchant of New Chester, 25

Nov 12, 1833

On 4th, Martha Delila, infant d/Daniel Baldwin of this borough, one month

On 1st at res. Of Maj. Thomas M'Kee in Liberty, Rev. James G. Breckenridge, lately of Schellsburg, Bedford county and formerly of this county

On 31st, Elizabeth, infant d/William Kane of this borough, 8 weeks

On 23rd, William Meals of Menallen, upwards of 80

Nov 19, 1833

On 14th, Mrs. Mary Rowan widow/James Rowan, deceased, of Mountjoy, 72

On 10th, Mrs. Catharine Hoffman, w/Martin Hoffman of Abbottstown, 74

Sunday last, Mrs. Catharine Steffey, w/Jacob Steffey of this borough, 56

Nov 26, 1833 Tuesday last at res. Of her father, Maj. Thomas McKee of Liberty, Mrs. Sarah E. Breckenridge, widow/Rev. J. G. Breckenridge, lately of Bedford county, 30
Dec 3, 1833 On 24th, Jesse, s/George Deardorff of Huntingdon, 6
Dec 10, 1833

On 28th, Andrew Barclay, infant s/Jacob Shroeder of this borough

Sunday last, John Black of Cumberland, 72

Dec 17, 1833

On 9th, Fanny Matilda, d/Abraham Reever of Mountpleasant, 7y 2m 26d

Sunday last, Mrs. Marsh, w/John B. Marsh of this borough

Dec 31, 1833

On 19th, James s/Samuel Ziegler of this place, 3

On 20th, Daniel Deardorff Sr. Of Cumberland, 72

On 27th, at residence of her son, Henry Sanders in Mountpleasant, Mary Sanders, 73

At his residence in Mountjoy on 22nd, Andrew Little Sr., 85y 1m 25d

Jan 14, 1834

On 31st, Rev. Michael Slothower of Menallen, 76

On 29th, Elizabeth Moose of Straban, 63

Same day, Mrs. Dorothy Slagle of Berwick, 83

Jan 21, 1834

On 8th, Mrs. Sarah Linn, w/Wm. Linn of Mountjoy, 28

Friday last, Rebecca Adair d/John Adair of Liberty, 17

Jan 28, 1834

On 27 Nov last near West Philadelphia, Chester county, Joseph Leonard, grandson/Mrs. Leonard of this borough, 5. Died of hydrophobia

On 22nd at Poor House, Joseph Mills, 60

On 20th, Robert Horner of this borough, 28

Feb 11, 1834

Tuesday last, Margaret McElroy d/David McElroy of this borough, 17

On 25th, Amos s/Joseph Rider of Mountpleasant, 8

Feb 13, 1834

On 6th, Mrs. Bowman of Straban, 82

On 29th near Littlestown, Mrs. Lucinda Reck w/John Reck, 76

On 13th, Mrs. Elizabeth Kendlehart, widow/late Lewis Kendlehart of this borough, 57

On 14th, Ann Armstrong, d/Isaac Armstrong, deceased, of Cumberland, 30

On 11th, John Wesley Linn, youngest s/William Linn of Mountjoy, 7m 5d

Mar 4, 1834

On 18th in this borough, Samuel Agnew, 49, formerly of Mifflin county

On 12th, Daniel s/John Lichty, 3

On 19th, Mrs. Catharine Fox w/John Fox of Abbottstown, 60

Abraham Scott, Sr. Of Hamiltonban, 77 (date was ink smudged)

Mar 11, 1834

On 26th, John McDermott of this borough, 60

On 2nd, John Christian s/George Strickhouser, 7m 5d

On 5th, Moses Jenkins of Cumberland, 33

Mar 18, 1834

On 26th, D. McCadden of New Oxford

On 29th, John Boyd of Hamiltonban, 37

On 11th in Taneytown, MD, John McKalip, 80

Mar 25, 1834

On 14th, Mrs. Sarah McPherson, relict/Wm. McPherson, of this borough, 58

On 18th, Richard Rush, s/John Wilson (of C.) of Mountjoy, 2y 9m 14d

On 26th, Samuel Rode of Franklin, 45

Apr 1, 1834

On 26th, Hannah d/Jacob Shraeder of this borough, 4

On 24th, John Wesley Heagen, 23, second s/Henry Heagen of Cumberland

Apr 8, 1834 In Littlestown on Wednesday last, Mrs. Rebecca Ferree w/James Renshaw, 43
Apr 15, 1834

On 17th, Charles Frederick s/Samuel Diehl of Menallen, 1y 17d

On 3rd, George Baugher of Abbottstown, 53

On 5th, Mrs. Catharine Saltzgever w/Michael Saltzgever of Straban, 46

On 18th, Henry Sanders of Hamiltonban

Apr 22, 1834

On 14th, P. G. Leber of Hampton

On 5th, Mrs. Catharine Haner of Abbottstown, 47

May 6, 1834

On 1st, Mrs. Elizabeth Smith of this borough, 75

On 19th, Mrs. Susannah Reiff, w/Christian Reiff of Mountpleasant

May 13, 1834

On 20th, Adam Guise, 67 and on 27th, Jacob Guise, brothers and both of Menallen

On 24th near Hanover, Mrs. Magdalena Heagy, w/Joseph Heagy, 49

May 20, 1834

On 28th, Joshua Trenkle, Hamiltonban, 25

On 9th at his residence near Chambersburg, John Welsh, 49

May 27, 1834

At Bremon on 23 March, Rev. Ulhorn, late pastor of Lutheran Church in Baltimore

On 11th in Berlin, Mrs. Catharine Hurley, 55

Recently in Cocalico twp., Lancaster county at house of Wm. Iba, Dr. George Folk of this county, 66

On 15th, Mrs. Margaret Neely, w/James Neely Sr. Of Tyrone, 61

Jun 3, 1834

On 20th, Mrs. Sarah Linn, 41

In Baltimore on Sunday last, Thomas Gowen, 24, formerly of this place

On 21st, Mrs. Elizabeth Marsden, w/Phineas Marsden of Mountpleasant, 21

On 24th, Jacob Martin of Mountpleasant, 69, father of above deceased

On 25th, Eve Elizabeth Mary Ann Spangler, d/Jacob Spangler of Straban, 3y 6m

Jun 24, 1834

On 3rd in Darke county, OH, John W. Harper, formerly of this county, 37, leaving widow and 6 children

On 25th in M'Sherrystown, Anthony Ginter, 63

On 8th, John Kline Sr. Of Menallen, 70

On 14th, Valentine Heafligh, Hamiltonban, 81

On 5th in Straban, Mrs. Anna Maria Spangler, widow/John G. Spangler, 83

Jul 1, 1834

On 23rd, Mrs. Elizabeth Hildebrand, w/Wm. Hildebrand of Berlin, 39

In Hanover on 12th, Jacob Wirt, 80

Jul 22, 1834

On 23rd, Mrs. Mary Barth of Berwick, 79

On 7th in Union county, Mrs. Sarah Lashells w/George Lashells of Buffalo twp. And formerly of this county. Born on 4 July 1776 and had a stroke of Palsy this 4 July

On 5th, Henry Schleifer of Straban, 47

Jul 29, 1834

On 19th, David C. Neely, s/Capt. John Neely of Tyrone, 1y 8m

At Cincinnati on 2nd, Daniel M. Wiebling, s/W. G. Wiebling, formerly of this borough, 5

Aug 5, 1834

At Wilsonville on 31st, John Wilson, infant s/James Wills, 40 days

On 18th, Levi s/Jacob Sheely of Germany twp., 2

On 29th, William Goodfellow of this borough

Aug 12, 1834

On 6th, Philip Slentz, 48, eldest of 21 children and first to die

On 23rd, Sarah Willett d/John Willett of Germany twp., 16

On 29th, Elizabeth, infant d/Philip Trussell of this borough

Aug 19, 1834

Friday last, Mrs. Margaret Cooper w/Thomas J. Cooper of this borough, 38

On 5th, Mrs. Mary Wills w/David Wills of Mummasburg, 45

At Fallston, Beaver county, PA on 30th, James McElroy, formerly of this borough

On 13th, Alice Wright w/John Wright of Menallen, 53

Sep 2, 1834

On 15th, Mrs. Mary Ried, relict/John Ried of Hamiltonban, 84

On 18th, Anna Barbara d/Adam Dersom of this borough, 10 months

On 28th, Jacob Ferree of Cumberland, 77

On 25th at residence of his father at York Springs, John Ocker, 22

Sep 9, 1834 On 4th at residence of his father in Wilsonville, Benjamin Franklin Wilson, 33y 26d
Sep 16, 1834

On 30th, Frederick Steinhour of Menallen, 61

On 29th near Mummasburg, David Thron s/George Thron, 20

Saturday last, Ann Eliza Harlan, only d/Samuel Harlan of Menallen

Sep 23, 1834

On 15th, Peter Epley Sr. of Cumberland

Same night, Mrs. Elisabeth Ryder of Germany twp. At advanced age

On Friday last, Jacob Meals Sr. Of Menallen, 84

Sep 30, 1834

Thursday last, Mrs. Elisabeth King w/Adam King of this borough, 22

Same day, John Swartz of this borough, 19

Oct 7, 1834 Friday last, John Wesley, eldest s/John Barrett of this borough, 7
Oct 21, 1834

On 1st, Col. Alexander M'Ilwain of Hanover, 35

On 4th, Mrs. Catharine Martin w/Jacob Martin of Oxford, 24

Tuesday last, Mrs. Elizabeth Cobean, widow/Samuel Cobean Sr. Deceased of Cumberland

Oct 28, 1834

On 8th near Hanover, Daniel Bear Sr. A preacher of the society of Menonists, 71

On 21st, Francis Hildt of East Berlin, 34, left widow and three children

Nov 4, 1834

Wednesday last, Wm. Augustus Ziegler, s/Jacob Ziegler of this borough, 13

Same day, John Schlosser of this borough, 17

Nov 11, 1834

On 27th, Peter Marshall of Berwick

On 5th, Caroline, d/John Slentz of this borough, 5w 6d

Nov 18, 1834

On 8th, Joseph Sneeringer of Oxford, 20

Same day in consequence of a fall, J. Topper of Mountjoy, 30

On 8th in Carlisle, James Underwood, 46

Nov 25, 1834

On 6th in Harrisburg, Frederick Keefer, formerly of this place, 77

On 8th, David, s/George Unger of Germany twp., 4

In Baltimore on 15th, Mrs. Louisa Mayer relict/Jacob Mayer of Lancaster

On 8th, Henry Klunk of Conowago, 24

On same day, William Toland of Mountpleasant

Same day, Catharine Lenz of Hamilton, 16

Dec 9, 1834

On 21st, Mrs. Mary Spangler w/Jacob Spangler of Abbottstown, 21

On 22nd, Louisa d/Geo. Diehl of Berwick, 7 months

On 26th, Mrs. Martin widow/John Martin of Berwick

On 26th, Mrs. Mary Bleckley of Cumberland, 30

On 30th, a s/John Jenkins of this borough, 10 months

Friday last, Samuel Osborn of Straban

On 25th near Oxford, Mrs. Sarah Walker, 88

On 26th in Littlestown, George Henry King, 62

Dec 16, 1834

On 8th, Michael Dietrich of Menallen, 67

On 29th, Thomas Griest of Latimore, 83

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