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Amish Buggy

Eliab Negley Cabin, Franklin County, Pennsylvania
Eliab Negley Cabin in Welsh Run, Franklin County, Pennsylvania
Eliab Negley is Don Hartman's 5th greatgrandfather
(Photo Courtesy: Conococheage Institiute)

We love our family. Most of our family are of Pennsylvania Dutch extraction. Some were "Gay Dutch", i.e. Catholics, Luthers and Reformed.  Some were "Plain Dutch", i.e. Amish, Mennonite and Brethren.  Many intermarried with the Scots and Scotch Irish who were mostly Presbyterian.   Others were Methodists, Baptists, Jews, and on and on.  But whatever the case, they were a hard-working people whom we revere and love. They made it possible for us to be here today. We dedicate this site and its affiliates to those that went before us...Our Family and their friends. 

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The FamilyHart Online Genealogy DatabaseTM is all about discovering ancestors and their descendants, and associates.  The database contains over 1 million names online, mostly of Pennsylania Dutch extraction from Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina.  It also contains a large amount of entries from the Midwest, every U.S. state, and several foreign countries.   
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    Please remember that facts such as names, dates, and places cannot be copyrighted.  However, notes regarding facts can be.  It is also best to show in your notes where the information came from, so that others can reproduce the information more easily. By doing so, others can determine the efficacy of the source.

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Family Mementos

Scanned photographs related to families in our database are encouraged to be submitted to us at familyhart@aol.com for inclusion in this section of our website.  You must however own the copyright to the photographs that you submit or permission to do so from the copyright holder.

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